4 creative ways to use streaming tools after the pandemic

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As vaccinations bring the pandemic towards a conclusion and restrictions slowly begin to lift, many people will be eager to return to their old lives. While there are certainly some parts of the pandemic era best confined to the history books, others won’t be dispensed with straight away. Streaming services like Zoom kept friends and families together through lockdowns, and they have their place in the post-pandemic future.

#1 Bring live events to a larger audience

Although this was done prior to the pandemic, its popularity soared during the lockdowns. Streaming a live event like a play, concert or speech is a simple and cost-effective way to bring it to a much larger audience. Depending on the event, you might need a complex, multi-camera setup, but smaller scale endeavors will require just one, front facing device. The beauty of this method is that it brings events to massive audiences. People aren’t bound by geography and might reasonably attend an event from a different country or the other side of the world. Selling virtual tickets at a discounted price is a useful way of increasing your profit margins, too.

#2 Live stream worship

Churches can benefit massively from streaming services. Using a church live stream solution you can reach a much larger congregation and connect family and friends who might be divided by huge spans of distance. Bringing worship into people’s homes is genuinely revolutionary and something that simply wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. Better still, if any members of the congregation are old or struggle with mobility, then a live stream is life changing. They’ll be able to attend services that might otherwise have been impossible to reach. This, of course, means comfort as well as both mental and spiritual wellbeing.

#3 Instant customer service

Perhaps not as inspiring as the previous two options, instant customer service is nonetheless vital for businesses and customers alike. Being able to resolve questions and problems quickly and efficiently is important. To this end, a face-to-face chat can make all the difference. Being able to get in contact with a live customer service team via video messaging software is much better than speaking over the phone. Customers can show the problem directly, making it much easier for the agent to give the right advice. Video chat is just more personal, too, and many customers prefer to speak to someone directly.

#4 Live tours

Virtual tours of landmarks like the Great Wall of China and galleries like the Louvre were extremely popular during the pandemic, but there’s no reason for them to stop now. Travelling to these locations is expensive and difficult, meaning that many people miss out on experiencing them. By offering virtual, video streamed tours people can visit a place of cultural significance without even leaving their own home. It might not be a full substitute for physical travel, but it opens the world up to more people and means that nobody, regardless of their economic position, needs to miss out on a wonder. Tours are simple to arrange and can be ticketed in much the same way as virtual events like concerts.

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