Grifz New Video Warm Up Is Now Live On YouTube And Getting Rave Reviews from Music Lovers


Grifz’ brand new song Warm Up is now live on his YouTube channel. It was launched a few days back and already got a lot of views. Not only this, the song was also featured in several chartbusters and radio shows, which demonstrates the popularity of Grifz among his fans and followers.   

It’s interesting that the musician couldn’t release his new song last year owing to the widespread pandemic, however, as soon as he got back with District15 first and then Warm Up—the audience’s response was fantastic. He is constantly getting more and more views on both his songs. 

“Last year was a complete mess. I couldn’t go out and perform live in front of my audience. But I still made the best of it. I tried to explore my talents in other genres and also composed interesting and catchy tunes and tracks. My latest song WarmUp is inspired from my idol Eminem’s D12 song and instrumental. I am quite thrilled and satisfied seeing such a huge response from my fans and music lovers worldwide,” Grifz added. 

Grifz is an independent music artist from Manchester, England. He has a considerable fan following across the globe. In the UK, his songs were featured in several famous radio shows and chartbusters. Right now, his songs are available on his official YouTube channel and also on several online music streaming channels.    

Grifz is famous for adding emotional elements to his songs using heart-touching notes or compositions. He has got enormous abilities to improvise his singing at live shows and concerts. All of his songs have been able to resonate with his fans. His latest track Warm Up is also expected to do well among fans and music enthusiasts.

Grifz is also proactively participating in charity events to raise enough funds for cancer research and developments. When he’s not busy with musical notes and pitches, you can see him working for mankind as a whole. 

Grifz is a first-generation musician from the UK. He is a self-made person and learnt the nitty-gritty of music and songs from his own research and continuous learning. Unlike other artists, Grifz didn’t get the opportunity to go to music class and learn it. 

However, he had tremendous faith and belief in his abilities. As a hardworking person, he never minds putting a lot of hours into his music and composition. At present, Grifz is busy launching his new songs and tunes on his official YouTube channel. 

Grifz’s most viewed video was ‘Life,’ which was viewed over 5.3k times on YouTube. His many other songs were also featured on the famous LikupTV. Grifz is well-known for his outstanding creative skills and adding innovation to all his latest creations. People of all ages love to listen to his songs for hours or whenever they want to refresh their mind. 

In a short span of time, Grifz has been able to win the hearts of critics and experts. He’s not a singer who follows what others are doing. His songs are unique, relevant to contemporary days, and of course, innovative. Each of his songs sends a positive message to society. 

As a philanthropist, Grifz has helped several musicians and independent artists who were facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 pandemic. . He raised money for them and tried to reduce their financial hardship in whatever way he could. 

“I am happy that things are gradually improving now. COVID-19 pandemic has badly impacted the livelihoods of several people. I just hope things return back to normalcy soon. I am happy that my fans and audience liked my latest track,” Grifz concluded. 

You can follow Grifz on his official Instagram profile.   



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