Why Canadians Need to Upskill

Why Canadians Need to Upskill

In order to keep up with the other growing economies and provide momentum for future growth, the Canadian economy needs to focus on skills development and the reskilling in certain specific areas.  The World Economic Forum estimates that we will need to reskill over 1 billion people by 2030 to be able to do the jobs that are transformed by the 4th industrial revolution, and this definitely includes Canada. North America’s growth has slowed, and unless the Canadian economy is able to pull itself up by the bootstraps, we may be left behind. This will only be achieved through the upskilling and reskilling.

Tech Skills

Technology is the future, and this future is here now. Modern economies are driven by technology, and the skills that power this tech are what the economy needs to grow. Tech is arguably the fastest way the economy can rebound and for international inclusivity. From the simple microchip to quantum computing, the range of possibilities is endless.

One of the biggest cutting-edge changes in the smart home and Canadian tech startups is proving their mettle in a highly competitive sector. With smart home devices to make human living easier, the internet of things is the tech skill that is needed in advanced economies and will soon be needed globally. It is always best to start with a good foundation and build on this, and a good example is the wide range of Marian University graduate programs, where you can build on the skills that you already have.


The rise of the ethical leader has been an ongoing trait in business, and the skills to lead others must be honed and developed. Canada has always been known as the softer option, and leadership rather than scientific management is what has driven business growth and development in recent times. However, this is a skill that needs to be refocused on, and the ability to lead must be emphasized in these uncertain economic times.

Green Skills

The construction of the green economy and prioritizing the planet over profits is the only way forward if Canadian business is going to be sustainable. Skills in low carbon and environmental products and services are at the forefront of growing economies, and this must be the case in Canada. Energy generation startups, agriculture and food, and green construction skills are what the business sector is looking for. If these skills are not available, then international companies will simply go elsewhere.

This is, however, one of the sectors where the Green Skills Network Project has begun to make huge strides, identifying the sectors that can best be used by Canada to create green jobs and developing the structures throughout the education system that will begin to shape careers in the green economy from an earlier start.

The skills mentioned in this article are definite winners in the job market and will also be at the forefront of training and development. However, if Canada is to compete on the international stage, there will have to be a massive program to build the skills as detailed herein.

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