Ehsan Mohammadi – A singer par excellence who also lends his hands of support to various charities.


His aim is to raise funds through his songs for organizations working for the welfare of orphans.

There are many individuals working for the benefit of the underprivileged. These blessed few have been consistently helping those in need through various initiatives and one amongst them is Ehsan Mohammadi who has been gifted with the creative art of singing. He has been doing extremely well in his career as a music artist and now wants to utilize his craft for the welfare of those in need. He has been lending his support to various charities who work for the welfare of orphans. Furthermore, he has been doing exceedingly well in the handicrafts industry and after conquering that realm has now stepped into the music space by establishing himself as a singer.

When asked about what drew him towards philanthropy, he says, “I always wanted to do something for those in need and what better way to capitalize on my popularity to benefit others, especially orphans who are the most neglected souls inhabiting this globe.” This 30-year-old young man has managed to head multiple careers with ease and his compassionate nature has won over many hearts. He is already an established name in the handicraft industry and has now spread his wings across the music sphere, which is quite impressive for a person who is still in his 30s. His vision is to help orphans and make life worth living for them by supporting charities that work for their benefits.

It’s interesting to know that Ehsan started his journey when he was in his teens, and since then has never looked back and has carved his own distinct niche in multiple areas. This young Iranian has not only conquered the entrepreneurial realm but has also done exceptionally well as a singer and a philanthropist. His good deeds are undoubtedly noble to its core and deserves a mention in every book. The way he is spreading happiness by helping the underprivileged, he truly deserves all the respect and recognition in the world.

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