Adrian Bo Helps You Identify the Essential Traits of a Good Mentor


Adrian Bo, owner of Adrian Bo Real Estate Training, is a mentor and business advisor. For the past 32 years, he has been listing and selling real estate and has more hands-on experience than most other coaches in the same field. Additionally, he has been the number one real estate agent at McGrath Nationally for two years and among the top five best agents for over 20 years. Here, he defines the essential traits that any good mentor brings to the table.

You need a Mentor who is excited about the subject

“Real estate is a very fascinating field in which to work. People can go crazy competing in this field. So you need a mentor who is as crazy about real estate as you are. Enthusiasm can be addictive, which is a good thing,” said Adrian. Good mentors are driven by a desire to support others, and their reward comes not in the form of material goods or money but in seeing the people they have aided achieve success.

Active mentors are the best

Real estate is not an easy field if you are not outgoing. You need to keep moving and interacting with people on a daily basis, establishing connections, creating opportunities, etc. A good mentor recognizes the need to get you out of your comfort zone and push you out to gain more experience and learn new things. They will provide tips and techniques to keep you active and, eventually, be ready for anything.

They are Good at Listening

“A mentor must be able to hear what you have to say. They should be a part of the discussion, asking for clarification or additional details. When you’re engaging with a good mentor, they’ll be completely focused on you and participating in the discussion. They’ll ask you questions, focus on your responses, and even give you some quiet time if you need it,” said Adrian.

Mentors give Proper Feedback

“Feedback is beneficial to all. Also, the most experienced and intelligent person is a novice at something and needs input in order to improve,” said Adrian. The importance of feedback in the improvement process cannot be overstated. To help you become the expert you want to be, a mentor should work with you to set long-term and short-term goals. Especially in a cut-throat field like real estate, feedback can be the difference between profit and loss.

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