Top 5 DevOps Trends Around The World

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There are various top DevOps trends around the world. DevOps emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration with constant improvement. DevOps combines software developers and operation professionals to develop high quality applications. This allows for a strong working environment where companies can build, test and deploy software. As a business owner, you can deploy security patches, update features and implement bug fixing qualities. Of course, DevOps is changing the way businesses are developing applications and custom software globally. Here are the top DevOps trends around the world.

Becoming Cloud-Centric

A popular DevOps trend around the world is becoming cloud-centric. There are several reasons your business needs to be in the cloud. Many companies are moving to an entire cloud computing based infrastructure. In fact, about 80% of companies are expected to expedite the switch to the cloud by 2021. To stay ahead of the trend, migrate company data assets and processes to the cloud. The migration preserves efficiency while keeping operations running smoothly. In fact, tight integration with the cloud lowers the cost of DevOps automation technology. Additionally, you will gain control and centralized governance for an end-to-end DevOps process. Certainly, becoming cloud-centric is a popular DevOps trend around the world.

Implement Microservice Architecture

Secondly, implementing microservice architecture (MA) is a top global DevOps trend. MA cuts usually complex applications into small units, services or entities. These independent chucks are both scalable and flexible. Typically, the development features of MA successfully outweigh the complexity it brings. More so, the microservice allows development cycles to be built, tested and deployed independently. In fact, it allows for more flexible cycles, providing scaling options and extra customization properties. Implementing microservice architecture with DevOps promotes the idea of operational agility, efficiency and scalability. Of course, another popular DevOps trend around the world is implementing microservice architecture.

Advancing Infrastructure Automation Tools

Another top DevOps trend around the globe is advancing infrastructure automation (IA) tools. Implement infrastructure automation to design and achieve hassle-free self-services. Meanwhile, you can execute automated delivery services to laaS and on-premise environments. Of course, a popular IA tool is DevOps pipeline. You may be wondering “what is DevOps pipeline?” The pipeline automates DevOps processes in a constant secured and streamlined method. It also encompasses infrastructure, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). To further optimize your infrastructure, you should use a Helm repository by JFrog as well. These advanced solutions streamline privacy, availability, and access control across your advanced system. Definitely, include advancing infrastructure automation tools as a global DevOps trend.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Of course, a popular DevOps trend around the globe is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). AI and ML revolutionize and transform all operations in DevOps. Of course, this includes developing deployment strategies, monitoring the application and setting up CI/CD pipelines. More so, AI and ML are known as DevOps natural extensions. For example, during functional, regression or user-accepted testing, a magnitude of data is generated. The data can be leverage to include prescriptive/predictive analytics, code practice identification and pattern reading. Forecast failures and identify codes that are causing errors to improve process efficiency. Definitely, implement artificial intelligence and machine learning as a top DevOps trend around the world.

Adoption Of DevSecOps

Finally, a sought-after DevOps trend around the world is the adoption of DevSecOps. Businesses are heavily adopting the DevSecOps process to bring security into the DevOps cycle. As cyberattack risks and vulnerability increase with COVID-19, you need security in every business operation. Implement DevSecOps to receive rapid responses that require changes and increased agility for security. More so, it automates quality assurance testing and increases DevOps teams communication. In fact, it allows you to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities earlier than normal. Certainly, adopt DevSecOps in your business as a popular global DevOps trend.

There are several top DevOps trends around the world. First, becoming cloud-centric is a popular trend as it allows you to complete processes more smoothly and efficiently.  This way, you can become more modern, mobile, and future-proof throughout your tech operations. Next, implement microservice architecture to cut complex applications into smaller systems to be fixed, edited and deployed easier. In addition, this will improve transferability, portability, and convenience. More so, include advanced infrastructure automation tools to provide a hassle-free and automated self-service.  Of course, implement artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform DevOps operations such as application monitoring. Finally, adopt DevSecOps to better secure your business, network and software changes. These are just a few of the top DevOps trends around the world.


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