How is business innovation achieved ?! “A brief look at one of the top Iranian entrepreneurs and business coaching activities, Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani.”

Mohammad Rabbani
Mohammad Rabbani

Creativity and novelty are severely vital and crucial in each business.

These days, since every organization and establishment operate in a competitive and global environment, the importance of creativity and innovation in the business world becomes more apparent.

In fact, innovation is the fuel of successful companies; which can present an invention for instance a new and advanced product or distinguishable service, or a new business method which contains a novel production process or an individual method of consulting.

Eventually innovations create more financial values by reducing costs or optimizing customer experience.

Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani is one of the most prominent and successful industrialists in the field of business innovation and entrepreneurship.

He is the founder of several successful international businesses and startups, with over ten years of consulting and coaching experience.

He holds a PhD in Management and is also accredited by world-renowned universities such as the University of Zurich and Madrid.

He has been continuously and directly trained by the world’s high ranked professors and has been able to formally receive a coaching and teaching certificate.

He additionally possesses a teaching certificate from WIFI Austria, the most prestigious educational institution for Austrian businessmen.

In the early stages, Dr. Rabbani has always sought to detect society needs and improve his and other personal and social developments.

Hence, he was able to publish and sell more than one million volumes of books by establishing Creativity Magazine and Negah Novin Magazine, which has helped the lives of millions of people so far.

He also made this Magazine (Creativity), as the best-selling business magazine in the country.

This youthful doctor and entrepreneur, has achieved spectacular results in drug marketing into the bargain of his career, and he has been able to establish his own pharmaceutical company named Diamond corporation.

He succeeded to surpass a threshold in this field in a way that some of his pharmaceutical company’s products became rare for less than six months.

In fact, he is also the founder of the Vidan online training platform, which is a new useful and efficient activity in the world of electronic-learning.

This unique platform has been publicized perfectly, and it attracted especially the confused business world applicants in just a short time.

Nevertheless, the important point that has led the growth and prosperity of this genius and capable entrepreneur in all activities areas is his enormous amount of perseverance; a strong desire to learn and update information, and most importantly, to have a new and creative vision for business innovation.

According to Steve Jobs: “The innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

This is a leadership quote that is repeated over and over again in the business world, since being unique and having a strong personality makes you different from the rest.

He also described innovation as the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat.

Others call it a change that brings new value.

Therefore, if you are still using the old rules and recommendations and the predetermined framework of what you have learned and as the result you do not see a change in the progress of your business; now is the moment of taking a different and useful perspective on your business to create a new leap and revolution.

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