3 Amazing Benefits of a Non-Surgical Butt Lift by Dr. Simon Ourian


Are you looking for some helpful information on the non-surgical butt lift by Dr. Simon Ourian? Then take a look at this short breakdown.


Did you know the demand for butt augmentation has been rising all of 2020? Have you been wanting to perfect your behind but are wary of BBL’s? You’ll want to learn more about Dr. Simon Ourian’s non-surgical butt lift.


Dr. Simon Ourian is a celebrity doctor who works with stars and influencers. He fuses his artist’s eye with years of experience and knowledge.


A non-surgical butt lift uses no implants, scalpels, anesthesia, or silicone shots. Instead, Dr. Simon Ourian uses his Neustem dermal filler. Using fillers, he gives his patients their dream butt shape.

Read on to learn 3 amazing benefits of a non-surgical butt lift.

  1. Non-invasive

non-surgical butt lift means you are not doing liposuction or fat transfer, or implants. Dr. Simon does not use Sculptra or silicone shots for this procedure. Instead, he uses Neustem dermal fillers.


Simon Ourian’s semi-permanent Neustem dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. Your body also produces hyaluronic acid but tends to reduce production with age. Unlike implants or fat transfer, a butt lift is less invasive.


The recovery time is shorter and gentler than other butt augmentations.

  1. Non-permanent

Neustem dermal filler can be dissolved if you decide you want a new shape or aren’t happy with your new behind. Although the fillers are not permanent, you’ll enjoy the results for quite some time.


Some patients report up to 4 years of results. A few months to 2-3 years is quite typical, depending on which fillers you use, as well as your body’s natural reaction to them.


You can choose to dissolve your fillers if styles change. Or you can touch up or tweak your shape easily due to using fillers rather than implants.

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift by Simon Ourian, MD

  1. Generally Safe

BBLs have been gaining popularity in part thanks to social media. The procedure can be dangerous if not done by an expert with years of experience.


Dr. Simon Ourian has the skill and experience to help augment your body. No matter which procedure you’re looking to do, his team can help you.


If you’re nervous about more invasive procedures, you have options. A non-surgical butt lift is quick and incredibly safe.


The fillers contain ingredients you produce in your body. And you will not be under general anesthesia for this procedure.


You’ll be working with an experienced team. They will guide you through the procedure and in recovery.


Because you can use fillers, you also don’t have to gain weight for a fat transfer. This means it’s a great option for you if you want to augment your butt but don’t have extra fat on your body.

Boost Your Confidence With a Butt Lift

Dr. Simon Ourian’s celebrity roster will attest to his skill and experience. Looking to boost your confidence and enjoy a new silhouette? Consider a non-surgical butt lift for a quick, non-permanent and safe change to your look.


Ready to take the next steps? Get in touch with the friendly staff at Epione Beverly Hills. They would definitely be happy to assist you!

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