“Be a Hero Be 007 soiree” held at Supercarrooms.Miami to benefit the charity World Hero Foundation


On October 6th Supercarrooms.Miami was transformed to a James Bond 007 themed casino for the sole purpose of raising awareness and funds for the World Hero Foundation.

This event was curated by the Supercarrooms for their members and donors of the charity. This was themed as such to celebrate the launch of the new James Bond movie No Time to Die.

The Supercarrooms galleries in Wynwood was transformed into a Las Vegas style casino with games such as Roulette Blackjack Crabs and even Poker. All proceeds from the casino were donated to the World Hero Foundation. The James Bond theme continued with supercarroom members bringing their supercars Aston Martin’s and even a mechanical underwater craft called the seabreacher. Very much James Bond theme.

This star studded event was attended by Supercarroom members and celebrities such as Rowan Marley all in tuxedos and evening wear.

Rick Clay and Jean Thrower from “Plan B” an organization supported by World Hero Foundation where representing the charity and explained all the good work that the charity does and continue to do save lives and support people in need around the world.

Supercarrooms members donated goods and memorabilia which were auctioned by host of the event ‘Aaron the speaker” raising much needed funds for the World Hero Foundation.

A list of more items donated by several other organizations are still available online to purchase with all proceeds going to the World Hero Foundation.

Renowned NFT artists “Big Comic Art” donated an NFT worth over $100000 to the charity and this could be seen on the opensea.io platform under the account World Hero Foundation.

Other experiences still available include the following

1 – Donovan & Banks Foundation Green Beret Experience
Beneficiary – World Hero Foundation
Minimum – $15,000
Available dates – March 18th-19th 2022
Direct access to owner Paul Toolan for more client opportunities.

2 – Top Gun Fighter Jet Flight
Beneficiary – World Hero Foundation
Minimum – $20,000 (Single flight – .5 hours to 1 hour)
Numerous flights available – Scheduled with operator

3 – Top Gun Fighter Jet Dogfight
Beneficiary – World Hero Foundation
Minimum – $50,000 (2 Flights – 1 hour to 1.5 hours)
Numerous flights available – Scheduled

The World Hero Foundation wants to thank all those who have supported them in your quest of making the world a better place.

For further information or to reach a representative of the foundation please contact Michelle Hatly co-founder of the charity World Hero Foundation


About World Hero Foundation:

World Hero Foundation’s mission is to recognize and support individuals and organizations who are striving to make the world better through acts of selflessness and innovation. To remove barriers, improve and expand access, support change and champion the heroes who are making a difference in the lives of others and provide aid for those who are in need.

-First Nations
-Health and Mental Care

WHF is involved in Think Tanks that helps solve the world’s problems and is the “connector” between individuals, private companies, non-profits and government.

1. Supplied millions of dollars of heath care products and Covid test kits to communities, veterans and first nation tribes

2. Successfully encouraged Congress and Executive Branch to change laws on Capitol Hill to help our veterans. We drafted and introduced a Sense of the House Resolution that was expanded and acted upon.

3. Currently shooting a documentary, Defending our Defenders, which tells the stories of those who have served and the lasting toll that sacrifice continues to take on their lives. It is also the story of triumph, resilience and the people searching for solutions and helping others overcome.

4. Working on homeless and affordable housing projects with the City of LA and Las Vegas.

5. Saved over 3,000 Americans and allies from Afghanistan via Operation Plan B.

Operation Airlift Afghanistan
When Plan A stalled, communications were disrupted and planes were grounded.
We initiated Major Media and the name PLAN B to launch awareness and support for a community of brave Heroes who were tirelessly working to help those left behind.

WHF connected the dots.

***We need your help with donations, which will support the various projects and initiatives such as homeless housing and mental health for our veterans, saving Americans in Afghanistan and joining with others to keep our communities healthy and safe.

WHF is made up of volunteers
95% of donations support the projects and initiatives
Your donation is tax deductible and you’ll receive a tax receipt

If you want to get more involved contact Gene Lim, CEO, at gene@worldherofoundation.org or Michelle Hartly, Co-Founder and COO, at michelle@worldherofoundation.org

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