Webequie Supply Road Gets Final Approval for Terms of Reference

Webequie First Nation

WEBEQUIE FN – The Webequie Supply Road (WSR) is a proposed 107 km all-season road running from Webequie First Nation’s airport to mineral exploration activities and proposed mining developments in the area. The purpose of the Supply Road is to allow the community to benefit by helping the year-round movement of supplies, materials and people from Webequie First Nation’s airport to mineral exploration activities and future mining developments.

Chief Cornelius Wabasse of Webequie First Nation states, “Webequie First Nation is pleased to receive final approval today of the Terms of Reference for the proposed Webequie Supply Road project. This announcement allows the project to move forward to an Environmental Assessment.

Together with the Project’s technical team, Webequie First Nation has committed a great deal of effort to engage with our membership, other First Nations and interested public stakeholders to develop this detailed workplan for the forthcoming Environmental Assessment. We remain committed to a First Nations-directed approach on this assessment; one that upholds our community principles, values input from others, and supports our environmental stewardship responsibilities.

With this being the first Environmental Assessment in Ontario to be led and driven by a First Nation, today’s Terms of Reference approval is a milestone announcement for Webequie people.  We look forward to getting started on the many studies and consultation activities that will allow us to make informed decisions about a potential road in our territory. We appreciate the Ontario government’s commitment to supporting the planning of key community infrastructure that has the potential to bring positive socio-economic impacts to the region.

At this stage, we don’t know if Webequie First Nation will decide to build a road, but we are generating the information needed to inform those future decisions. Ultimately, it will be a community-directed decision by the people of Webequie First Nation whether to proceed or not with the construction of a supply road after the Environmental Studies and Impact Assessments are complete.

We are thankful to everyone who has provided input and participated in the process to date. Your contributions have been invaluable to ensure that our Terms of Reference is comprehensive, collaborative and focused on priorities.”