How Jonathan Gerow Helps People Regain Their Confidence and Self-Esteem

Jonathan Gerow
Jonathan Gerow

Confidence is not non-renewable. In fact, it’s a very renewable resource. It may wander away sometimes, but there are ways to bring it back home to you. There are many reasons that can cause your self-confidence to perish, even if it’s for a short time. Hair loss is one of the most common reasons for people losing self-confidence. Loss of hair can create a serious impediment to the smooth running of one’s social life. However, today, anything is possible with modern technology, and experts like Jonathan Gerow are helping people regain their lost confidence and self-esteem through micropigmentation, one hair follicle at a time.

Why do we fear hair loss so much, and why do we suffer the way we do when our hair starts to fall? Jonathan Gerow of Gerow Hair Ink says, “Although hair is one of the attributes of our external appearance, its roots live on the inside. Essentially, the quality of one’s hair can determine the quality of one’s overall health. Apart from that, it’s very much ingrained in our minds as a thing of beauty, and beauty helps us find acceptance. These physical and mental health reasons often contribute to people losing their sense of confidence as they start to lose their hair.”

Sometimes acquired, sometimes inherited, the story, problems, and solutions related to hair are diverse and evolving. However, modern science and technology have come up with a solution. A cosmetic procedure called micropigmentation with its dotty scalp technique mimics hair and covers the bald patches easily. Jonathan Gerow, who has helped innumerable people via micropigmentation, is still taken aback by the change it brings about in people’s view of themselves. He says, “Many of our clients have been able to renew their confidence post-surgery. They begin to feel like a new version of themselves, ready to take on the world once again, which not so long ago had seemed a bleak, desolate place. It’s quite marvelous to witness the transformation that comes over them and baffling to realize how much importance we give to our hair.”

Jonathan Gerow and his business partner Erik Roberto are responsible for having conducted SMP for several public figures such as Jose Reyes, Kenny Smith, Alajaza, Brea Frank, Helpin Restituyo (El Profe), Funk Master Flex, Tyhem Commodore “mr commodore” Deron Williams, Ceky Viciny, Erik Sermon, DJ CLUE and several others.

Jonathan Gerow calls micropigmentation the most effective non-invasive cosmetic procedure of modern times. It has helped numerous of his clients bid goodbye to the times when hair loss had made them look older than their real age or come in the way of their social life.

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