Leading the Charge on Immigration Innovation With Yasin from the Akalan Law Firm

Yasin Akalan
Yasin Akalan

The new immigration experience

The process of immigration can be very isolating and unnerving in the U.S., today. Figuring out what forms to fill, how to file them, and possibly doing all this in a foreign language is a challenge. Yasin Akalan became a lawyer to champion change in this experience for immigrants.

Akalan wanted to help as many people as he could, and give them the direct support they deserved. He saw that the old way of running a law firm is out of date and realized lawyers needed to be more nimble in helping people through the often difficult process of immigration. He knew that technology was going to be the way he could deliver optimized services to people that needed them.

By using intelligent software for backend processing and platforms like Facebook,  Instagram, and, YouTube, Akalan Law keeps people up to date on daily changes to immigration law requirements. 

While larger law firms often have more expenses and are slower to react to changes; The Akalan Law Firm was created to be more effective in serving people across the globe through the immigration process and to help them get citizenship.

“Our firm treats each of its clients as members of a family that continues to grow,” says Akalan.

Using technology to lower cost

Technology is shattering the glass ceiling in every industry at a rapid pace, and the field of law is no exception. Akalan Law uses automation tools at every step of their clients’ immigration experience. This helps to save on costs since little overhead is needed. 

More established and larger law firms tend to have inefficient processes. Akalan Law emphasizes efficiency, clarity, and client support, so they can be more accessible to their clients. 

Akalan Law also uses technology to increase the accuracy of paperwork filings. Larger firms tend to use far more manual procedures and inefficient paperwork when working on a case. Akalan realized this needed to be improved to provide better care and a seamless experience for the client.

Since Akalan Law streamlines the process of filing, they can spend more time with the client instead of on paperwork. This allows them to provide optimized care for the person and reduces the billable hours.

Serving all immigration needs

There are many complex aspects to immigration law in today’s world. Each immigrant’s experience is unique. This requires a lawyer who understands their struggles and speaks their native language. 

Akalan Law specializes in helping immigrants – no matter where they’re located or what services they need. 

Yasin Akalan has many years of hands-on experience helping thousands of people with their immigration-related issues. Akalan Law specializes in removal defense cases including asylum, withholding of removal, cancellation of removal, family petitions, and naturalization.

Stay up to date 

With the ever-evolving political climate, it’s hard to stay up to date on everything that is needed for permanent or temporary immigration. Requirements often change and staying in compliance with both countries involved is difficult. Akalan helps immigrants to stay informed.

Akalan Law posts information on social media and their website to help keep people in the know. His videos help to explain complex immigration topics.

 Akalan uploads videos and other informative content on his Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and website. Whichever social platform people are comfortable with using, Akalan Law has a regular presence on them. 

Get the help you deserve

If you’re interested in the immigration process, need help with a temporary work visa, or want to work with a lawyer who understands your struggles – Akalan Law can help.

You can follow Akalan law on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even book a free consultation on their website or by calling 212-542-3940.

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