Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani’s brilliance in shoe trading has caught everyone’s attention.

Shoe trading

He lays out a few points on how to market one’s own shoe line in the industry.

The word “competition” is the first thing that arises in the mind when someone talks about doing shoe business in their respective countries. The show business has been among those that have only been on a consistent rise as more and more shoe fanatics, and lovers keep growing in the world. Such customers motivate shoe companies and brands to keep creating newer designs that can yet again enthral them in multiple ways. That is how the shoe market on a global scale has been making billions since the last few years. Achieving tremendous momentum and success in the same is a young entrepreneurial talent and designer Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani, aka Thani Al Thani.

Thani Al Thani has proved what kind of an entrepreneur he is in the vast and ever-evolving shoe business by showcasing his skills not just as a designer and shoe store owner but also as a trader in the business, shipping products across Dubai and the GCC. Whether it is about shoe trading, sandals trading or slippers trading, Thani Al Thani has excelled even in this.

Thani Al Thani has come forward today to explain to other budding shoe traders, designers and entrepreneurs about how to market their own shoe line.

  • There’s nothing more important than customer service: Thani Al Thani wants shoepreneurs to focus on this point because customer service plays a huge role in a customer’s buying decision. Hence, a great marketing strategy must be developed that can highlight what sets their customer service apart. This will help them attract more eyeballs towards their shoe brand or store.
  • Choose to market in the niche: Thani Al Thani suggests entrepreneurs to carry out market analysis and study other brands in the niche to understand how they have been performing, to whom they have targeted and how they plan out their marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs must then improve on similar strategies for marketing their shoe line.
  • Work on innovative concepts: Since the market is full of many successful shoe brands and businesses, Thani Al Thani wants entrepreneurs to work around innovative concepts that appeal to their target audience. Thani Al Thani equally focused on shoes for women and came up with designs with a statement-making style that could hold their attention. He wants them to identify a unique concept that can help make their shoe line innovative. These innovations can then be marketed, which can then create massive success and recognition for the brand in the markets.

Thani Al Thani’s shoe business has been flourishing because he focused on the points he mentioned above and still works around developing other marketing tactics that can help his business grow further.


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