Rishi, a South African producer, is taking over the world of music with her infectious beats and melodious artistry


No matter who you are or where you come from, music allows you to be yourself. It helps you to accept who you are and brings people from different cultures together. It makes people feel more connected and creates memories that will last for a lifetime. Musicians from all over the world bring people together. One such individual is Rishi, a deep house producer and DJ from South Africa. Infectious beats that are equally raw and full of energy, Rishi has started a journey of exploring the world of melodious artistry inspired by the modern age genre of deep house. She enjoys making modern sounds with vintage synths and instruments. A majority of Rishi’s songs are composed by her from scratch and she’s here to tell us her story.

Why did you decide to become a musician and enter this field?

I was born and raised in South Africa and was already influenced by the vastness and uniqueness of creativity beheld in the continuously evolving world of music. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business law and had initially set out to pursue a career in that field. Years later, I found my calling and found my true passion. My passion for self-expression that comes in the form of music, clothing, events, culture, and fashion.

 Why did you choose this particular genre i.e. deep house?

My road to earning that name began when I first found myself dancing and being entranced by a series of music genres. What struck a chord with my taste in music was the modern genre of deep house. After scouring the internet for underground artists and music in various genres, I had the first taste of being behind the turntable.

Why do you think the audience loves the music you create?

I think that I possess the creativity and inspiration to stitch melodies that keep people coming back for more. My drive for honing my skills picked up pace after I bought my first DJ setup. From then on, I was hooked.

I always find myself seeking and appreciating underground music, producing, curating playlists, blogging about music, adding collectibles to my collection of unique handbags and clothing.

Whenever I produce music, I think about creating a story for the listener to dive in and get lost in the sounds. That’s why I love making wide atmospheres to pick sounds from. My individuality and unique taste in music along with continued efforts to gain national and international notoriety are evident in my work.

What are some of your future goals?

I’m a producer, DJ, and designer. I founded and co-own a streetwear brand called RAION. I’m the first South African female producer to be Remixed by JT Donaldson. My dream is to have a track of mine released through Defected records & Classic Music company. I recently released a Track called Runaway that was remixed by JT Donaldson. It was released through all digital platforms.

My next release is on the 15th of October through a record label called TurnLeft Recordings. The track title is Out of Control and DJ Dove will be doing a remix that will be released next year. I hope that my listeners enjoy the song and appreciate my efforts. I will also be featured on DJ Doves Radio Show in New Jersey on the 10th of October.



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