Artist Manager Rishabh Lund wants to build a winning platform for his fellow artist friends

Rishabh Lund
Rishabh Lund

We all have different goals set up in life but our ultimate stop is till the pillar of success. Ever since childhood every kid grows and evolves nurturing and whirling around their imagery of a perfect career. Many aspire to be a pilot, engineer, doctor, dancer, creator but only a few like the young artist manager Rishabh Lund dreamt of being a coordinator, someone who manages everything being a playback supporter. In this concurrent world of fame, Lund always wanted to be somebody who walks and works behind the backdrop where the actual hustle exists.

Rishabh Lund is a budding but popular artist manager and host who is currently managing artists like DJ D-Rain, DJ Ryan Nogar, DJ Priyanka Das, DJ Ankit Rohida and DJ HRJ. But throughout his exemplary journey, Rishabh has touched new horizons of the spectrum leaving everyone mesmerized and wanting more of his presence. Even being a fresher in the industry Rishabh Lund has created the right amount of sensation and niche for himself that no matter what tags he works with, they always want to resume the collaborations with him whenever possible.

His journey till now was an epic ride in which he has done some of the fantastic things like camping the event in Mulshi, first event post-pandemic at a club was at the House of Medici and further joined a new joint Kynd cafe and bar as an artist and host-manager only for Sunday’s sundowner at Zeleb and mix@36. Rishabh did not stop there and continued towards his dream until he accomplished his dream of working for Sunburn in Holi 2020.

Rishabh Lund along with being an artist manager is an artist himself and hence he understands the hardships and hurdles that a creator confronts in their journey to attainment. In his recent interview with the crew, Rishabh uncovered the earnest feelings that he has for the creator’s community, while sharing a word with his fellow mates he understands that there is a need for a platform to showcase everyone’s talent. Hence he wants to build connections and establish a stage search and set-up for the budding creators because even he has faced burdens in his journey. Being the humblest and relatable organizer that he is, Rishabh Lund has recreated a label of himself.

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