Six Gluten-Free Places to Eat Around the US According to Health Coach Erika Schlick


As the world begins to pick up its pace, people begin to travel again, visiting new places and revisiting their favorite cities. At the same time, restaurants are re-opening their doors to welcome guests back after months of no business or only providing delivery services. This means individuals are looking for new places to try to celebrate their return to a semi-normal life. Some people present dietary restrictions and struggle to find the appropriate locations to meet their needs. That is why we offer six gluten-free places to eat around the US according to Health Coach Erika Schlick.

Los Angeles

In her blog The Trail to Health, Health Coach Erika Schlick shares her life, expertise, and knowledge with her readers. One of her sections offers advice on traveling and eating in places that can accommodate your dietary restrictions. A topic she often writes about is finding gluten-free places. She has become an expert.

According to her blog post, there are plenty of places to visit in LA and eat gluten-free, as well as vegan or vegetarian. One of the top recommendations is Wild Living Foods. “Wild Living Foods is absolutely incredible and is going to be a regular stop for me when I head downtown. ⁣The food is 100% gluten-free, plant-based, and everything is cooked below 118 degrees to keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. ⁣The food is not only healthy and exuberant, but it tastes incredible.”

Santa Barbara

When traveling, we might find ourselves craving something sweet. According to Schlick, there is a patisserie in Santa Barbara that will satisfy all of your cravings.

“Lilac Patisserie is where all of your gluten-free dreams and fantasies become a reality. This bakery is out of this world, and it was a true treat to indulge in all of it for our Saturday brunch. We went all out with our sampling as it is such a rare treat to have a bakery/restaurant with such beautiful food that I can eat everything on the menu.”


As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At times when traveling, it can be hard to find the perfect spot for breakfast. Some restaurants will include it on their menus, but you will have to take a stroll around town and find the place that meets your needs most of the time.

In Chicago, Schlick recommends Hi-Vibe: “If you want to start your day with superpowers, Hi-Vibe is your spot. At first glance, Hi-Vibe is an organic superfood juicery, but it is so much more than that. Their menu consists of delicious tonics to start your day like Keto coffee, mushroom teas, or matcha that can all be upgraded to include amazing superfoods, healthy fats, MCTS, herbs, and mushrooms to make sure you are ready to take on anything your day throws at you.”

New York City

The city that never sleeps is the grand capital of the world, and people travel from different countries to experience its luxury, enjoy Broadway shows, and try all sorts of foods. Erika Schlick has been part of the lucky ones who have experienced this city to the maximum. According to her, there are over 40 restaurants that are 100% gluten-free.

A food most people want to try when visiting NYC is bagels. At times, it is hard to find a gluten-free place that offers a variety of them. However, Schlick has found the perfect place: Modern Bread and Bagel. “Modern Bread and Bagel is an absolute gem in the Upper West Side, serving some of the most delicious gluten-free food I have ever had. They had bagels, baguettes, challah, lemon ricotta pancakes, and a fantastic giant latke with lox. I wish my stomach was bigger because I would have sampled so much more, but we did take one of their famous cinnamon rolls to go, and it was a perfect midnight snack.”


Besides finding gluten-free restaurants, there are other dietary restrictions people have when traveling. Erika Schlick understands this from her personal experience, so she decided to find a place in Portland that would be good for those with other kinds of diets.

That is how she came across Tiny Moreso. “Tiny Moreso is a gem located in NE Portland. Their entire restaurant is 100% gluten-free and plant-based. Because each menu item is made of whole foods, it’s the perfect spot for those who eat paleo or plant-based. Plus, it’s absolutely delicious.”

San Francisco

Tourists from all over the world visit San Francisco at least once in their lives. As a California resident, Schlick could not skip this beautiful city. During her time there, she found six places that were worth writing about. Some were 100% gluten-free, and others accommodated those who needed to stay away from gluten.

When you do not have time to stop, sit down, and have a meal, there are options available as well. One of them is Urban Remedy. “Urban Remedy is a treasure born in the Bay Area. The restaurant’s entire mission and mantra is that food is healing, which, after embarking on my trail to health, I 100% agree with. All of the food at Urban Remedy is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly plant-based. The entire shop is grab-and-go with healthy, clean food. Usually, quick meals fall in the category of fast food, which is a no-go for me and most celiacs. Fortunately, spots like Urban Remedy are providing healthy food on the go to keep you fueled on beautiful, healthy, whole foods.”

Traveling with dietary restrictions presents extra challenges to traveling during a pandemic. Luckily, there are experts helping travelers narrow down the challenges by presenting lists of safe restaurants they can go to when visiting the beautiful cities the US has to offer. That is why we compiled this list of six gluten-free places to eat around the US according to Health Coach Erika Schlick.

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