Girls Building Empires Review | Can You Make Money on Instagram?

How to See Instagram Insights: The Ultimate Guide

The social media landscape is huge. There are more money-making opportunities on social media than you might realize.

Social media, in fact, can be quite lucrative. It’s all about building a following and getting them engaged. 

If you can pull off something like that, you’ll be making the big bucks and building empires… 

And Girls Build Empire can show you how to do it.

The problem is there are hundreds of different social media companies out there promising the same thing.

So, why should you choose this one over the others?

Inside Girls Building Empires

Girls Building Empires is an online training course that teaches you how to grow your Instagram account and master its marketing benefits. It’s also the first step to turning your passion into a profitable business.

It empowers you with information, knowledge, and insights on how to create an engaged audience that actually wants to see your posts.

They are backed by 2.2 million followers on Instagram and a community of women that have found on GBE the tools they need to hit the ground running in the growing world of IG entrepreneurship. 

What Will I Learn In the Girls Building Empires course?

Through their 12-week lessons, exclusive content, huge community and signature social media tools, you will: 

  1. Build your Instagram account quickly and easily 
  2. Build an engaging content strategy that will attract followers 
  3. Convert those followers into customers and start making money on Instagram

They’ll start by guiding you through setting up an Instagram account, then create a plan that will help grow your following. You’ll also get tips for how to stay professional while having fun with your online content.

Engagement strategies are then presented which help boost what you’re posting and give you suggestions for pictures, hashtags, and other content. 

The course also grants access to additional tools and tutorials, and a great community of like-minded women who are also running IG businesses.

Girls Building Empires Program: Module 1 

This module comprises the first three weeks. During the first week they will teach you the most important lesson in the entire GBE course: how to choose the right niche, and give you everything you need to know to make the process smooth, simple, and stress-free.

Three weeks in, you’ll know how to pick a niche, and you’ll have adopted an expert mindset. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to post consistently and grow your brand. 

You can’t afford to be random. You need a strategy for every single post that goes out. In this course, you’ll get one!

Girls Building Empires Program: Module 2 

The fourth, fifth and sixth week will teach you how to start off on the right foot when it comes to creating your profile. 

Keep in mind that one of the most important things you can do in your profile is to show off your personality. The last thing you want when putting together your profile is for people to read through what you have written, then never check out another thing that you have to offer. 

A well-written profile tells them just enough about who you are to keep them interested in reading more

Girls Building Empires Program: Module 3

Week 7 starts teaching you everything you need to know about captions (and how to use them to boost your profile)

Keep in mind captions are used to lure in viewers. It’s best to try and be entertaining without being too cheesy, repetitive, or wacky. 

Think about what your audience sees all day on social media…a lot of crazy, right? So just try to be the opposite of that.

During the next week,  you’ll also learn that creating content is not easy and hardly anyone does it the right way. 

GBE shows you how to do that in a simple, methodical approach.

Girls Building Empires Program: Module 4 

Module 4 starts with a great tip to grow your Instagram account: viral posts. 

Viral content is all about relating to your followers. You need to create something they would like to share with their friends. Content that has the potential to go viral will get you more exposure for your business. 

So during week 9, you’ll learn how to create content that’s relatable, exciting, and funny.

The three final weeks are packed with information to fast track your success. 

You’ll discover a 3 pointer plan to build a solid foundation for your Instagram strategy and a powerful formula to expand your audience quickly. And you’ll get an insight of  what has worked for GBE in growing their Instagram following without spending any money on ads.

Finally, you’ll take a look at the different ways you can monetize your Instagram account using affiliate links, brand sponsorships, and more. 

How Much Girls Building Empires Cost?

For as low as $149 you’ll get the entire training program and they’ll show you step-by-step how to build a Girl’s Building Empire, with or without experience or followers.

You can also pay in 3 monthly installments (but the price goes up to $65 per installment)

Can GBE Teach You To Make Money on Instagram?

The Girls Building Empires team makes it clear: If you can post a picture and tag a friend in a comment, you can build a business on Instagram. 

There are influencers making $25,000 a month just from their posts. So there’s no better time than now to start learning and making some real money.

Take a look at some of the best ways you can use Instagram to make money:

  • Instagram Affiliate Marketing Program

Instagram has changed the game for online shopping. Thanks to Instagram influencers, people are becoming more attracted to buying online than ever before. 

You can make money by promoting products through your Instagram page by taking advantage of affiliate programs. Clickbank, RewardStyle or Amazon Associates are good places to start research.

There is no shortage of products to promote or affiliate programs to become a member of. You can make sure your affiliate link is in the photo’s caption, but keep in mind that many brands prefer to see it in the bio (and some even offer double commissions for linking through this method).

  • Build Your Own Online Store

But what if you don’t want to “sell out?” You can still be successful without relying on any other brands, big or small.

You can take your Instagram account one step further and create your own personalized business.

It’s a great way to get your own stuff out to your followers, and you don’t have to market anyone else’s brand. Sell your things and let your personality shine through.

  • Work with Brands 

Many popular brands pay big money to get their products into the right hands. 

All you need to do is apply to work for an influencer agency like FameBit or Adly and once you’re approved, post a picture of yourself using the product.

What I Liked about Girls Building Empires

  • Fee is extremely affordable

In fact, when you compare it to the prices of other courses that promise to show you what to do when running a business, you’ll find that GBE is very reasonable when it comes to pricing.

At just $149, it can be an affordable part of your monthly budget—and a small investment that will reap huge results down the road.

  • Content is always timely, which is crucial for social media marketing. 

Girls Building Empires keep their content fresh and interesting, so you’ll never face the dreaded Instagram slump.

  • Actionable step-by-step guides make the lessons stick.

They’ve got you covered with templates, videos, and guides offering valuable information for creating a profitable Instagram page. 

Resources include everything from creative ways to promote your business, to creative Instagram hacks and tips, as well as how to build a personal brand from scratch.

  • Tons of social proof

They’ve got 2.2 million real, active users who are hungry for more of the things these people know about (success, business management, IG growth, etc). And it’s all 100% organic. 

That means they haven’t spent money on ads or anything like that to get in front of their target market, which is pretty impressive. 

What I Didn’t Like about Girls Building Empires

  • Lack of Information. 

I wish they had a more in-depth blog with more information on IG growth and marketing. That’d really help building more trust with their audience, and it definitely would be a great way of educating people on the value of their program. 

  • Basic Website

With all the importance they give to creating an eye-catching Instagram profile, I thought they would put a little more effort on their website. But anyway, it makes sense. They are actually running the business via Instagram, which is cool I guess.

Who is Girls Building Empires For?

It’s geared towards women who are interested in building their own online businesses, but find the traditional approaches of starting a web-based business too time-consuming or overly technical.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to develop an online business that lets you be your own boss while spending time with your friends and family, then Girls Building Empires might be the perfect fit.


If you’re new to the Instagram scene and want to learn more, then I highly recommend Girls Building Empires. The team has created an easy-to-follow course that will help build your Instagram presence and expertise. This concise and modern course has everything you need to take your business to the next level.


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