Dr. Kami Parsa Encourages Brands to Be Fully Transparent with Clients amidst the Pandemic


It is no secret that the pandemic has changed nearly every industry. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa shares his thoughts on how brands must adapt in the post-pandemic world.

Dr. Parsa leads by example when it comes to adjusting his practice to a post-pandemic world. The process begins by minimizing the number of people inside his office. Dr. Parsa asks patients not to bring companions or pets with them unless they are absolutely necessary. Every member of the staff has COVID-19 tests regularly. Dr. Parsa’s office also requires all persons entering the clinic to have their temperature checked. The policy covers him, staff, and patients. Also, everyone must wear a mask while inside.

Dr. Parsa has also adopted ways to meet the increased expectations about cleanliness and social distancing. For example, instead of having patients head to the reception desk to pay following treatment, the receptionist meets them in the exam room. Another change is that Dr. Parsa now uses virtual consultations and appointments whenever it is practical. Of course, Dr. Parsa also highlights the importance of thoroughly sanitizing exam rooms between appointments.

On top of that, Dr. Parsa encourages brands to be fully transparent with their patients about the changes they made due to the pandemic. Once again, he leads by example, with a dedicated page of his website highlighting all of the changes his team made due to the pandemic. This lets brands reassure clients and patients, helping maintain trust.

Brands would be wise to follow the advice Dr. Kami Parsa offers. After all, he has successfully run his practice since 2006. In this time, his business has successfully weathered various economic conditions, including the pandemic. Perhaps more impressively, even with the pandemic affecting people’s spending and other decisions, his office still has a waiting list of over a year long. This goes to show how effective Dr. Parsa is at delivering exactly what patients want. His goal is to deliver “5-star patient care,” and his reviews and waitlist confirm his success.

With over a decade and a half running his successful oculofacial plastic surgery clinic, Dr. Kami Parsa is an excellent source of advice for brands of any size and type. His post-pandemic advice for brands and the actions he takes are consistent, so you can use the same strategies that his successful business does.

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