Raghav jain is an epitome of success and motivation for all aspiring entrepreneurs the world. Delhi based boy owns Brand box digital media & Mixology masters !


An exuberant young man, Raghav Jain is the Founder of Brand Box Digital Media & company Mixology Masters “ Digital marketing company and bar catering company based in Delhi & Mumbai.

Mr Jain has earned laurels in the Digital media industry while also successfully initiating and expanding upon a bar catering business in the short span of 5 -7 years. With an intense flair for understanding the customer’s requirements and expounding novel ways of fulfilling the desires of myriad clients, Raghav Jain has set a benchmark of excellence in winning over the hearts of people by resolving their complex, highly individual marketing demands.

He has officially worked for top bollywood celebrities, Radhika Madan, Sapna Chaudhary, Manish Malhotra, Dia Mirza, Mohit Raina, Sukhbir Singh, Dino Morea, Daler mehandi and many many more others.

Repeatedly being interviewed and asked in an second official interview by our verified sources about how he managed to be a king of so many trades, Mr. Jain replied” I just can’t sit idle. I need to keep working, Either I am doing stock market trading or looking for different opportunities with various different businesses. I live for my passion which is “ always working”.

Mr. Jain has worked for more than 7000+ clients including Bollywood Celebrities, Gold manufacturers, Diamond Merchants, Event planners, top big entrepreneurs, Hospitals, private schools and various brands for growth and development.

Raghav’s ambition has always been to constantly hone his skills at creating an ambience, an experience that leaves an indelible imprint on the mind of the visitor.

Whether it is creating an ambience for casting away the office blues, a get-together of friends long flummoxed in the web of household responsibilities, or celebrating precious time with your beloved in an infrequent wedding anniversary, Mixology Masters has got the knack for packing a surprising punch with the quality, creativity and freshness of the drink it serves. Mixology’s Magic Mojitos leave you feeling rejuvenated, re-spirited and inspired to walk the thin lane of success stories by providing a fertile landscape for ideas to bloom.
The complex engagement in the basic foundation of flavor and nutrition does not isolate Mixology from the overall demand for Bar décor and design. With the bar designing owning a flair for seizing the mood and vibe of the client’s style statement, the aura of the deemed occasion is made but surreal. While stepping onto the party plaza, it is as if the audience enters the dimension of a space that is beret of the noise and clamor that is characteristic of the outside world.

Service is the single most important factor that has made Raghav touch the skies of praiseworthy appreciation; the capacity to step into the client’s shoes and work from that position thereafter.
Crafting products and services that appeal and at the same hold not merely a highly prized monetary notion but rather espouse a tangible emotional bond is something that Raghav had to work hard at since young age days.

The palpable touch of nostalgia, elegance and connection with the customers’ ideas and values is what sets Raghav’s company base apart from the rest of his contemporaries. Therein lays the ambitious vision of satisfaction and growth through the keen, eagle eye perception of understanding the unique personality and mindset of the individual client.

Today we’re simultaneously living in two worlds — the real world and the social media world — and oftentimes, those lines can blur. As business owners are trying to build an impactful brand, it can be hard to separate these two worlds, leading to serious burnout that Mr. Jain has experienced himself, and that was one of the main reasons behind establishing Brand Box Digital Media.

At Brand box digital media and Mixology Masters, no one returns without a vivid spark of confidence in their own inherent worth, an embellishment of the splendor and light each person carries within. The precious time that the customers spend at our brands has led them into singing inspirational notes of freedom, joy, and empowerment, For Raghav Jain’s business avenues, sky is the limit; a conglomerating nesting place of innovative ideas to quench the ever changing, incessantly growing thirst for expressing the motley persona of the cosmopolitan man.

Reach him out at his official as well as personal Instagram handles :


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