Inspirational and Captivating World-Class Design Distinguishes YODEZEEN in the Architectural World.


When you follow your dreams, your next success is right in front of you.  YODEZEEN architects have broken the mold for international and award-winning design in a span of 10 years with over 800 projects completed across the globe.  The duo, Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev were just two guys with nothing – no office, no team, and no contracts.  Since then, the dreamers have turned YODEZEEN into one of the most accomplished architect firms with offices in Kyiv, Moscow, Milan, Miami, and Los Angeles.  Let’s dive into the two behind it all.


Age is Only a Number


Both Artem and Artur started when they were just 20 years young.  While others are out partying, hiking through Europe, or living in their parent’s basement, the two had dreams that had to be reached.  An unwavering commitment to their goals and dreams led them to deep dive into their creative and technical minds and get to work right away.  There was a consistent motto throughout the start: just do it.  Some might say that Artem and Artur are the perfect team because they both define themselves as nerds.  When you find a partner just like you, success will come.


Now, 11 years in, the two love what they do more than ever.  There is a complete devotion from Artem and Artur to design projects from vision to reality, one step at a time.  From two 20-year-olds to a team with projects in 127 cities, the two have no plans for stopping.  Instead, their next venture will be designing hotels across the world.  There might even be plans for a hotel elsewhere (wait til the end).


Award-Winning Designs


Let’s face it, no matter the industry, winning an award is a distinguished feat.  Let alone multiple awards and the YODEZEEN team has done just that.  One of their finest wins was their project the Virgin Izakaya Bar which won the LIV Hospitality Design Award in 2021.  Winning means something different for everyone but for YODEZEEN, it inspires them to win more achievements in the future and is also a compass that they are on the right track for their business and their clients.  Artem and Artur understand that their clients come first and they have always set goals to exceed the expectations of their clients.  True inspiration and motivation comes from overachieving and leaving the client speechless.


Winning, however, is not everything in life.  The two are dreamers who set out to do their best at everything they do, staying true to their roots.  They are also perfectionists and each project is started from scratch.  You just need to start and now with a team they call “family” the two can accomplish anything they set their minds to.  Their robust and innovative designs have no limits and each day is a new opportunity to let their creative juices flow.  The two refer to this daily habit as an “endless creation of art”.


To the Moon?


YODEZEEN is clearly just getting started.  In such a short time, the team has had profound success and will build off each and every project.  Architecture is their forte but they complete projects from the inside out: with carefully curated interior designs in both the residential and commercial industry.  They believe their best is yet to come and one word describes how they will want to leave their legacy: iconic.  The team will stop at nothing to leave behind iconic architectural objects just like a famous artist would plan to.


Big dreams lead to big opportunities and those keep coming for the two.  Radically inspired by each success, the two have an end goal that people will be staying at a YODEZEEN hotel on the moon!  Truly, the sky, and then some, is the limit for Artem and Artur and after learning more about the two, there is no reason their dreams will not be reached.  When their hotel will break ground on the moon remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: it will happen and it will be perfection. Perfection in everything, and we do not consent to the less.” – said Artur Sharf.


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