Discipline and Self-Belief Are All That You Need to Turn Your Life Around, says Mohammed Al-Mathani


Once you’ve gone down the wrong path in life, it can be challenging to right yourself and turn things around. However, if you put your mind to it and have the right attitude, it’s definitely possible. Mohammed Al-Mathani has learned that discipline and self-belief are the main components you need to change your path completely.

Mohammed Al-Mathani is an accountant and works in the finance field. He loves classic cars and owns a Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari Laferrari Aperta, and Mercedes Benz. He’s thrilled with the success he’s achieved in his life, but it hasn’t always been that way. Throughout his life, Al-Mathani has had challenges with motivation and making his dreams come true. “Making the effort can be the hardest thing,” Mohammed said. “It doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It’s so much easier to just watch TV or play video games all day instead of going for what you want.” He believes discipline is the essential quality required to turn your life around. Reading books in your field or taking classes can be helpful, whether online or at a university. While Mohammed Al-Mathani has a university education, he doesn’t believe everyone has to, but it can help depending on your field. “You need to put in the work. Opportunities won’t fall into your lap if you’re not already doing your best to succeed.”

The other trait he thinks is crucial is self-belief. “If you don’t believe in yourself, other people won’t believe in you, either,” he said. “If you can imagine yourself doing it, you can make it happen. You just have to know, deep in your heart, that you’re capable of it.” Believing in yourself can be a surprisingly difficult step, but by reading self-help books and possibly going to a therapist or life coach, you can raise your self-esteem.

If your life has gone a little astray, try developing your discipline and self-belief. You might be surprised how much things change.

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