What’s Hot: Dr. Simon Ourian’s Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck


Have you ever wondered if you could get rid of your stubborn belly fat? Here’s what Dr. Ourian’s non-surgical tummy tuck procedure looks like in practice.

Dr. Simon Ourian Performs Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck on Jenna Dewan

When it comes to the modern-day version of a tummy tuck, most people think that surgery is the only way. A surgical tummy tuck may indeed be what some people want or need.

However, Dr. Simon Ourian, whose practice is in the heart of Beverly Hills, believes there are viable non-surgical options for men and women who want to tighten their abdominal muscles, or men and women who want to lose fat from their abdomen or hips. Since it doesn’t require surgery, the procedure won’t leave scars behind. So if you’re considering getting that six-pack abs look, but don’t want to go under the knife yet, you should be happy that you indeed have options!

Tummy Tuck

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize your body anymore, you’re not alone. There is hope for a better life with a smoother, flatter belly that you can have without surgery. You feel you will take control of your future by having a non-invasive tummy tuck through the latest Epione innovations in medical technology.


Dr. Ourian through Epione Beverly Hills offers non-invasive tummy tuck procedures that give patients their lives back. After this non-invasive tummy tuck, you may finally be happy with your appearance again.

Dr. Simon Ourian at Epione Beverly Hills

If you are looking for the best cosmetic dermatology practice and provider with over twenty years of experience, you might want to learn more about Dr. Simon Ourian. Dr. Ourian has a clientele list that consists of the who’s who in Hollywood. For example, a recent client who came in for non-surgical treatments was Kim Kardashian.

What’s more, you can check out Dr. Ourian’s work in Vogue Italia or Harper’s Bazaar UK. Dr. Ourian has been named one of the top doctors by Allure magazine, and was also recognized as “Best Doctor” by Elle magazine. His specialty is non-invasive treatments that are safe, effective, and natural-looking.

Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck

At Epione, Dr. Ourian treats his patients with USRF Skin tightening. The medical procedure and treatment tightens the dermal tissue and the skin in the abdomen using ultrasound or radiofrequency.


The skin is heated to a thermal max level, which causes restructuring of collagen and elastin tissue.

Flat Tummy

Have you ever wondered if you could get rid of your stubborn belly fat? Using the USRF skin tightening will result in skin tightening and stubborn fat removal. You will look natural with a lean, flat stomach.


It’s what Dr. Ourian’s non-surgical tummy tuck patients say about their procedures that you need to hear and see.

Stubborn Fat

Your stubborn fat will not be stubborn much longer when you reach out to Dr. Simon Ourian at Epione in Beverly Hills. Epione offers private consultations so you can ask the questions you want about non-surgical tummy tucks. Meeting Dr. Ourian and his expert medical team may change your life forever.


But before that can happen, you need to call or email the Epione Beverly Hills office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Simon Ourian. Your stubborn belly fat of today is counting on you for a flat stomach tomorrow.

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