Everything Possible about Solo traveling hear from Travel blogger Shivangi Sharma.

Shivangi Sharma
Shivangi Sharma

With the rise in expedition demand in India after the setbacks of Covid-19, Travel blogger Shivangi Sharma is coming to her followers’ rescue by giving them the right kind of guidance and motivation to Travel.

 Amidst the captivity of the pandemic in 2020, people have earned a closure to the primacy of traveling. And with rest in regulations, people are attending to travel wherever they can and trying to tick off shots from their travel bucket list. Because ‘You Live Only Once!’

 These travel buzzes have created a notable wave in inquiry and booking alongside their research by following the advice of various Travel Bloggers.

And when you are listing the most influential Travel experts Shivangi Sharma has a niche for herself! Shivangi commenced her quest relatively young as a fresher who hoped to travel to every corner of the world, leaving an impression of her presence and carrying along with a suitcase of memories. The blogger has endured wandering practically the entire chart across India. In March 2018 she traveled 29 states in 39 days following freeways all by herself to explore and seek the unhindered places around India and hence her experiences are reliable to the younger audience.

The goal to travel solo should be experiencing quality visits that are entertaining, social, out of the regular tickoffs, and affordable. Each trip should showcase light on the vibrancy and adventurous spirit that matches the aspirations and desires of our young travelers, shares Shivangi.

Shivangi Sharma also advises her readers to “Pre-plan everything, do your research well, pack light, go local, establish communication with friends, find sources, If not someone who can travel alone all by themselves then engage yourself with backpackers community and association they can easily help them out, Meet the locals, don’t fear to initiate conversation and most importantly Observe! ”

If one manages to follow all of these then they can surely travel like our hero Shivangi Sharma!


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