Shane Hall Highlights The Importance Of Creating A Liveable And Hospitable World


The rise of Shane Hall in the world of mentoring and managing entrepreneurs was made possible by his commitment to honesty, and to building an authentic business. His authentic relationships with top-tier leaders and entrepreneurs from the likes of WWE World Champ Bobby Lashley to world-class hunter Allen Bolen to up-and-coming college competitors has elevated his brand and business. He designed his coaching program through the company Amp Smart, who he’s Regional Manager for, to maximize his clients’ economic growth, and to help entrepreneurs break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

In order to accomplish this, Hall has stayed true to his belief that there is only one way to move in the business world: forward. He also notes that when it comes to planning for success, the most important step is not actually developing the plan, but acting on it.

Shane Hall’s Business Plan

Hall’s coaching program embraces promising professionals who have cultivated their talent, explored their skills, and are committed to being the best they can be. This includes both internationally acclaimed professionals, as well as those who’ve just started on their path, but who show great potential.

Through his program, Hall creates an honest and authentic business brand image for his clients, based on the real person behind the brand. He also uses a sophisticated marketing campaign to boost visibility and career prospects. His strategies help his clients win scholarships (for college start-outs) and sponsorships, as well as teaching them how to claim a healthy flow of investment throughout their careers.

Hall also emphasizes an eco-friendly and ‘give’ approach to business, highlighting the importance of creating a live-able and hospitable world.

For instance, smart-home company, Amp Smart, has recently stepped into the world of solar homes. This swift move into sustainable energy practices proves that Hall and his company set putting a business into motion as the first priority.

The Problem with Constant Planning

Contrary to the advice that is often given to young professionals trying to achieve their dreams, Hall strongly believes that constant planning is actually counter-productive to success.

Not that revisiting business plans to learn from errors or omissions is not a good idea, but getting stuck in the cycle can keep people from moving forward. According to Hall, focusing too much on the risks involved and the ‘what-ifs’ rather than the present reality is a fatal approach to business.

He believes that only by breaking through this cycle will business owners enable themselves to think forward and really get things done. So, instead of sitting back and constantly imagining what success might look like with a given plan, it is more worthwhile to put the plan in action to see success in reality.

Getting Things Done, On Purpose

Hall advises that one should avoid wishful thinking that they might stumble upon wealth by accident. Instead, he helps his clients to develop a purposeful life driven by action. Only through deliberate action, he believes, can a person claim success.

To help guide him, Hall constantly refers to his life’s challenges, both professional and personal, as learning opportunities. To him, there is no failure when it comes to acting on a purpose-driven business plan, because even failure provides a chance to gain new knowledge.

For example, even though Hall used to view social media as a waste of precious time and energy, he now recognizes that by using Instagram, he has been able to radically expand his outreach. This ability to learn from his previous mistakes and misconceptions has truly enabled Hall to achieve such great success.




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