NBC Sports Establishes a New Division with Focus on Betting and Gaming

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It is all about the online customer experience in 2021. Following that trend, NBC Sports, an American programming division for sports from the famous NBC broadcast network, and Comcast opened a new division called Next. The primary goal of the NBC Sports Next division is a better customer experience. Next is the new brand that brings gaming and betting on one united platform. In addition to that, they will follow youth and recreational sports along with golf. NBC Sports is known as a leader in the streaming sports industry in North America, both US and Canada. The subsequent division will be available for fans in 40 countries.

NBC Sports as a Turning Point for Customer Experience in North America

As a leader in North America, NBC Sports will, with this new division, affect faster development of sports betting in the US and Canada. With the new C-128 bill on the way that legalized single-event sports betting in Canada, the new Next Division will help Canadians enjoy in new and improved user experience. NBC’s Next will become the starting point and relevant information base for all Canadians who want US sports, so they will improve fans’ experience on betting services like online sports betting Canada and gaming platforms with pertinent information on time. With new applications from famous sports broadcasters and new laws on the way, Canada will catch up with the US in online sports user experience at the right time.

Online Betting and Gaming in Focus

“Wherever sports and technology evolve, our partners and customers can trust that NBC Sports Next will be there.” – said chief customer officer Jody Vogelaar. This NBC brand will focus on digital aspects of sports, like esports and online sports betting, to round up their existing offer. With estimated global revenue from online betting of $ 53 billion and growing every year, and more than 646 million eSports fans, it was a matter of time when NBC will get in the game. Digital platforms and applications will provide every customer personal user experience based on their needs and interests. Esports is a growing industry, its popularity jumped in very high percentage last few years, and it still grows with high rates. So if you want to see what gaming events are, or you are a gamer yourself or a fan that needs a modern and easy-to-navigate platform to keep on track with the schedule, this is for you. Still, this platform will not provide all of the expert advice that you need. For that, you will have to turn to trusted online handicappers like Doc’s Sports Service to get a better idea of which teams are the best to bet on, and which ones you should stay away from. This is doubly the case for any kind of sports betting pool that you put together, as aligning all your bets here is critical.

NBC Next will provide all interested customers with all relevant information. Online betting is one of the most extensive additions to the NBC Next platform. With previous NBC Sports Audio and NBC Sports Predictor, true sports fans will have a unique user experience with all services in one place. From easy-to-see schedules to a considerable variety of screened sports and betting platforms.

NBC Next will open new doors to new era sports fans and industries and possibilities to grow as a network and make more robust relationships with many fans. With this step, NBC justified its leading position as a sports broadcasting network.


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