A space escape room for your next virtual team building event


Moonshot 2: Gateway° is a realistic space escape room that combines space science with collaborative team fun. The experience takes your team to the frontiers of space, aboard a Mars-bound vessel piloted by a charming astronaut named Lola.

Lola’s ship is scheduled to dock at the Lunar gateway, a fuel depot orbiting the Moon. However, after her departure, the gateway has become unresponsive. Your team’s goal is to assist Lola in her adventurous voyage towards Mars by bringing the station online and facilitating a successful docking procedure.

How it works
Players connect to Lola’s ship via video conference. Along the mission, the team will help Lola address many technical milestones and exciting problems, from navigating an unexpected asteroid field to troubleshooting the ship’s check engine light. The game provides an excellent opportunity for the team players to collaborate and explore ideas in a remote setting.

The game is set up in a way that multiple teams can assist Lola at the same time. Each team is paired with an AI assistant to maximize their chances of success. Although the first team that makes it to the docking module of the Lunar gateway wins the race, any team that completes the mission will have genuinely achieved something exceptional. ​

A virtual game designed for team building

Many elements make Gateway° a hit with corporate teams. The game is technologically advanced and incorporates exciting technologies such as 3D printing, AI, and holograms. Yet, it does not require any previous knowledge or experience, which not only makes it an inclusive experience for any employee, it also makes player onboarding a breeze.

The game is also a unifying experience where teams are competing to solve a common problem. And through the problem-solving experience, teams unknowingly become acquainted with some of the most cutting-edge space concepts, such as in-situ resource utilization and orbital refueling. Moonshot2 enjoys very high ratings across popular and well-reputed online sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

The company behind Moonshot 2°
Gateway°, as the name suggests, is the follow-up to the original awarding-winning Moonshot° game created by Reason, a virtual team building company based in San Francisco. Reason was the first company to bring escape rooms online in 2019 and has led the industry in a series of innovative transformations since 2016.

The Conclusion
Need a way to strengthen bonds for your remote teams but tired of all the usual options? Put on your rocket science hat and take your team on a journey to the frontier of space science. Like us, you might rediscover your passion for space and have a blast with Lola on the Lunar Gateway.





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