First Responders Rescue Person at Kam River Park

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue
Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

Thunder Bay – NEWS – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Platoon Chief Philip Dzuba reports that at around 4:30 PM Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, Thunder Bay Police, and Paramedics were called to the Kam River Park for a water rescue.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue arrived on scene to Police officers attempting to assist a person in distress in the water. Two Firefighters in rescue suits entered the water to assist the patient.

A city police officer jumped into a waterway to save a drowning man Monday afternoon.

When the first officer arrived he located the male in the water. Due to the immediate threat to the male’s safety, the officer jumped into the river to prevent the drowning.

The male resisted the rescue efforts, but was eventually brought to a nearby ladder. He continued to resist the rescue efforts of the officer in the water and others who arrived on scene in the meantime.

Due to the height of the dock removing the individual was difficult and a sling was utilized to remove the person to safety.

Paramedics check the individual and transported the patient to hospital.