Chaitali Rao’s “Skin Vanity Medispa” is a one-step miracle to beauty and skin & Body care

Chaitali Rao
Chaitali Rao

Skincare, Body Fat and beauty have been a major reason of concern over the years with increasing environmental deterioration and marketing hoaxes. Due to the lack of enough education on these topics, children, teenagers or even the elderly may fall into unknown situations of having an absolute enviable skin and the sufferings that come along. To help fight such situations and prevent the chances of such unfriendly skin conditions, by providing easy solutions of having a beautiful and healthy skin & Best Sculpted Body at the same time, leading entrepreneur Chaitali Rao started her own brand “Skin Vanity Medispa” a year ago.

The brand emphasizes on globally renowned treatments that focus on beauty, aesthetics, and rejuvenation to the human skin And Spot Fatlosss Reduction at the same time. It facilitates state-of-the-art services through expert staff led by expert cosmetologists and doctors on Board to developing customized treatment plans, adapted to each clients’ specific needs. Treatments are carried out using innovative and benchmark equipment and high-end diagnostic technology. These technologies are also tested to be scientifically proven for safety and results.

The “Skin Vanity Medispa Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetology Center” currently operates at the hub of the Anand City of Gujarat. Traditionally it offers an extensive range of skincare treatments that includes Rejuvenating Wrinkle Relaxers, Non-surgical enhancements, Chemical Peels, Hydrafacial original, Microneedling with RF, various Laser Solutions for skin problems, Hair Treatments, Skin and Body Therapies, Hair Removal, Body Contouring & Sculpting, Fat Reduction treatment And Treatments for correcting scars, acne, Pigmentation and many more.

When Chaitali Rao designed the brand a year ago, she wanted to introduce the Gujaratis and the residents of Anand Community to something that they are not exposed to. After A lot of research and studies lead her to create this revolutionary venture that has set a benchmark in a very short time. All the beauty consultants of the brand are renowned experts with the best industry and work experience. Thus, Skin Vanity Medispa has become the one-stop solution to high-quality, upscale and affordable beauty and cosmetic treatment in a very short span.

As a businesswoman and an entrepreneur, Chaitali’s primary focus is to introduce and create business ventures that are needed in the Anand Gujarat community. Her eye for realizing what’s missing in the Anand & Gujarat market, and introducing niche industries and catering to them has been her prime focus.


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