Leading by Example, Vincent Müller Encourages People to Join Hands for COVID-19 Relief


Industry leaders, celebrities, and public figures possess the power to influence behavior, drive change, and make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. However, not all powerhouses capitalize on their reach and platform positively and countless stories exist about well-known figures who abuse their authority. In the case of Vincent Müller, a widely acknowledged mogul behind two highly successful ventures, he has managed to take center stage for his efforts during the outbreak of COVID-19. Setting an example for others to follow, he highlights the importance of banding together to address the impact of the pandemic.

When the outbreak hit last year, people from all walks of life reeled from its implications. Hand in hand with the rise in cases was the increase in mortality rate as well as massive unemployment, a string of mental health problems, and more. Vincent Müller was no exception to the countless entrepreneurs whose businesses were affected by the global health crises but amidst the challenges, he stepped forward to provide support and assistance through his company.

The acclaimed go-getter is the founder of HYGH, a firm that offers advertising space in previously inaccessible spaces and allows clients to capture the interest of their target audiences. Boasting a platform that anyone could use to build campaigns in minutes and launch ads in seconds, this brainchild of Vincent Müller has enabled those under its wings to meet their marketing objectives. A year after its creation, HYGH now consists of over seventy employees, racking up a monthly revenue for nearly 500,000.

During the outbreak, it was no surprise that HYGH slowed down. Vincent Müller took this as an opportunity to establish a purpose-driven business designed to respond to the pressing need. for personal protective equipment (PPE). “Through the extensive network that I was able to build while growing up in three countries, I found it quite easy to obtain access to trustworthy supplies,” he shared. Together with Christian Schroeder, the youngest managing director at Europe’s biggest tech fund Global Founders Capital, he founded Medical One. At the core of this company is the mission to assist governments and hospital chains obtain the pieces of equipment they need at affordable rates and in the year since it began offering support in the battle against COVID-19, it has obtained over a hundred million dollars in contract value and eight figures in profit.

Vincent Müller’s efforts in bridging the gap between the health industry and the resources they need to face COVID-19 head on did not go unnoticed. His all-out approach and commitment to the goal of the company propelled him toward the limelight and earned him the respect of industry peers and customers alike . In the process, he was able to emerge as an example for other entrepreneurs and enterprises, demonstrating that one’s endeavors in the commercial space can serve as a way to save lives and make a long-lasting impact. As COVID-19 continues to beat down some countries without mercy, he plans to remain steadfast in prompting people to action.

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