Famous rapper Hossein Nour gather with his fans in support of Persian rap in Istanbul, Turkey, which made headlines


Persian rap is one of the most popular music genres in Iran, which has attracted more and more fans day by day due to government restrictions.  The philosophy of rap in Iran is very complex and the first spark of this event was founded by Hichkas Iranian rapper imitating the style of various American rappers.

In recent days, we have witnessed one of the largest gatherings of Persian rap, in which Hossein Nour, an Iranian rapper and musician, formed a large gathering with his fans in Istanbul, Turkey.  This large community has been unique in the history of Persian rap, and under the leadership of Hossein Nour, the demands of all artists in this genre were quickly reflected in all news agencies.

The main goals of this community are the release of Iranian rapper Amir Tataloo from prison and the development of the Persian rap community, and they are only seeking their right in this great Iranian music community. There were many successes in this way and the supporters of Hossein Nour managed to address their demands.

There were numerous clashes along the way, with Turkish police trying to calm the large crowd, and several people were arrested.  The Persian rap community has always experienced various tensions, and the rappers of this community have always expressed their protests to the Iranian government in the form of poetry.

All this has made rap more attractive for Iranian youth day by day and the fans of this style of music are becoming more and more.

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