Lamborghini Family Announces First NFT Drop with Elysium Bridge


Owning a Lamborghini is a dream for many, a reality for some, but only a handful of people will soon be able to get something even more prestigious: a part of the history of one of the most iconic brands in the world of supercars. In fact, the owners and heirs of the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, Tonino and Ferruccio Jr, in collaboration with Elysium Bridge, have announced the first NFT drop in Lamborghini’s history to exclusively sell the rarest pieces from their private collection. 

Priceless works of art that would otherwise be exhibited in the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum are being created as NFTs. This makes the event the only opportunity to own these unique pieces of Lamborghini history and admire them in every detail. 

In fact, the method for digitizing these true relics of the Lamborghini brand has never been used before in the history of NFTs: It is a special photographic technique called light painting,  which the “memorabilia” of the Lamborghini Museum by photographer Paulo Renftl were immortalized in their original colors with extreme color fidelity and resolution and so on. … thus made eternal in all the splendor of its details. 

The vision of the founders of Elysium Bridge, sponsor of the event, is based on exactly this idea: “To let priceless works of art live forever in the digital world.” This NFT event has everything you need to become one of the most exciting events ever.Indeed, Enrico Branchetti and Patrick Jusic, co-founders of Elysium Bridge, announced: “The event will be a true journey of discovery of unique auction items, revealing historical backgrounds and details that have never been published and so far only” became known by the Lamborghini family itself In addition, six internationally renowned artists (not yet announced) will participate with their digital artwork created for the occasion.

 You can watch a trailer for this exclusive event on and sign up for the waiting list, the only way to attend Auction day. So … #WhenLambo?

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