Tips For Hiring A Professional Designer From UnicornGo


  1. Look For Technical Skills

One of the key things you need to look for when hiring a professional designer is technical skills. A good designer is someone that has numerous technical skills including skills with coding HTML and CSS. They should also have a lot of skills with numerous programs that can help with creative design including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. They should also have a lot of knowledge of typography and how to make things look good. After all, your logo will dictate how prospective customers perceive your brand. This is why Apple focuses so much on typography. Likewise, they should have some knowledge in creating user interfaces, printed design, and more. However, those aren’t necessarily as important as technical knowledge that directly influences the design itself. The more technical knowledge they have, the more creative they can get.

  1. Review The Portfolio

When trying to identify the right designer to hire, you need to review their portfolio. You want to look for someone with experience. Experience is very important when hiring a designer. When you hire a designer, you want them to have a portfolio that backs up their stated experience. You want a designer that has a portfolio of websites that you think look great. Their portfolio will tell you a lot about their creativity, style, and technical abilities.

  1. Creative

You want to ensure you are hiring a creative designer. They should be aware of some of the latest design trends. Every client has a specific style they’re looking for. Likewise, every designer is tasked with fulfilling their requests. However, a designer should be able to utilize their creativity to come up with something that is not only matching the needs and wants of the client, but also something simple, intuitive, and creative.

  1. Communication Skills

You want a graphic designer to know how to effectively communicate with a client. You want someone that is going to communicate with you, figure out what you want, and learn more about your brand. A designer should work to tell the story of the brand in visual detail. Their communication skills will dictate whether or not they can achieve this type of vision. You want them to be able to help you engage with your audience through your design. This will allow your designer to understand what you’re looking for. Communicating your brand persona to your target audience is equally as important as the design, unlimited content writing is a must to go with your visuals.

  1. Interview Them

When you are looking to hire someone, you want to organize a test to screen different designers. This way, you can ask any questions you might have. A spot test can be something that includes you asking the designer to explain a design idea for various business types. That way, you can tell whether or not they have the ability to handle different tasks and you can evaluate whether or not their demonstrated ability is up to par with your standards.

  1. Detail Oriented

You want to try to find someone that is detail-oriented. The designer you hire should be capable of telling you how they will be going through the design process and the steps they will be taking to achieve your final result.

  1. Time Management

You want a designer that is going to have excellent time management skills. The truth is, managing time isn’t a skill that every designer has. Because of this, you need to try to identify one that does. You want to ensure that you have a designer that is going to finish your project before your deadline. They should be offering you revisions before it. That way, you can get the best results out of your work with them.

By using the criteria above, you should be able to filter through the various designers you can choose from. You will find many designers that don’t meet your criteria. However, by asking the right questions, you can quickly identify the right one. The last thing you want to do is settle when you are trying to find a designer that can help you build something as important as your website is for your brand.


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