Entrepreneur Shabad Sharif gives priceless advice, says “Business is all about a game of trials and error.”

Shabad Sharif
Shabad Sharif

One of the profound things to get ahead in life is growth. Someone has rightly said, “Growth is often uncomfortable, messy and full of feelings you weren’t expecting. But it is necessary”. Whether it is a small jump or a big jump, any of these makes a person reach one step closer to success. Building an empire of his own through a genius mindset is Shabad Sharif. He is an entrepreneur and an investor who has always emphasized the need for upgrading to sustain in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

Learning business lessons from his grandfather, Shabad comes from a business family; but he always wanted to establish something of his own. While his grandfather is one of the few founders of the prestigious Al Madina Group, Shabad is also one of the members of the directorial board of the corporate giant. Started working at just 15, Sharif calls business a game of trial and error. He says, “You never grow until you learn from your mistakes. Business is all about trying and knowing that you can master it only by knowing where you went wrong in the past.”

To begin his journey in the business world, Shabad Sharif incorporated PickFresh, a chain of retail supermarkets that has its presence across Dubai. Along with it, the entrepreneur is also the founder of Dotok Communications, a telecommunications company that was launched earlier this year. The company is said to be an authorized partner of leading mobile networks in the UAE. These companies incorporated by him are a result of his trials and errors, and now he feels fortunate to make his mark as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Not just this, his love for arts and entertainment is unmatched. For the same, he ventured into the industry as a producer by bringing two production houses to life. His first production venture is Omarlulu Entertainment whereas the second venture is named Third Eye Music. With the launch of these two production houses, Shabad Sharif is all set to bankroll a few musical projects and shows. While concluding, the entrepreneur revealed that he wants to bring the fresh faces of the UAE to the forefront and promote the entertainment industry as one of the major sources of bringing revenues for the country.


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