Lost Boy Holdings LLC Announces New E-Commerce Based Logistics Branch


Christian Anderson, better known under his online alias and artist name Trust’N, has been quiet as a musician ever since his single 2020 summer single “Lucy” peaked at #8 on Apple’s iTunes Hip Hop Charts. Despite the silence as an artist, Anderson has been taking big steps as an entrepreneur, investor, and publicist. The artist has stated that he is primarily focused heavily on the business side of things, founding his own successful Public Relations and Digital Marketing Firm Lost Boy Entertainment with his business partner Bryce Vander Sanden. The young owners began the company in their college dorm room before Anderson dropped out in pursuit of his current career path as an artist and entrepreneur.

The company has already made impressive progress, reporting over 1 million in gross revenue since its inception less than 2 years ago and has a long list of prestigious clientele including names like Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Trippie Redd, G Herbo, Procter & Gamble, Kool-Aid, and Target Corporation among many others. The entertainment firm recently partnered with Target Corporation on a collaborative TikTok influencer campaign.

Lost Boy Entertainment recently announced a new partnership with Oeuvre Media, headed by commercial film and music video director Nilladriz. The digital agency works with clients across multiple industries including music, tech, apparel, and food offering strategic avenues to grow their client’s online presence. Oeuvre Media mainly focuses on producing and distributing commercial content across all online mediums. It’s owner Nilladriz has an impressive portfolio in the space, boasting work with clients like Fetty Wap and Hefna380 among others. The firms will couple their services, as most of their services go hand in hand.

With his feet already wet in the entertainment industry, Anderson decided to look elsewhere for an expansion opportunity. Alongside Aaron Smith, better known under his artist name Aon The Artist, and his original partner Bryce Vander Sanden, Anderson has built foundations in the electronic commerce space. The Lost Boys recently previewed Lost Boy Logistics LLC, a privately held consulting based firm that will focus on providing passive income producing opportunities via e-commerce and real estate investments. The company will be partnering up with Amazon and Walmart, utilizing both online marketplaces in their work.

Lost Boy Logistics LLC’s main objective is to give their clients investment opportunities that will result in more financial freedom. “I am very excited about this project as we have been working on this for a while,” said Anderson. “It’s so important in today’s age to build passive income streams. They almost becoming necessary. I think we will be able to help a lot of people reach their financial goals. And that excites me,” explained Anderson.

While the company hasn’t fully opened its doors to the general public, the official Instagram page for Lost Boy Logistics LLC has made a couple recent posts introducing their overall mission. Anderson hinted that the public launch for the company is going to be announced soon but the company has only moved forward with private clients thus far.

The Lost Boys have other bigger news as well, recently announcing the inception of their investment holdings company called Lost Boy Holdings LLC. The limited liability company will act as an umbrella company to all of the Lost Boy’s business pursuits.

For more information on the company you can visit their website below:







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