After working on a project for Team Marvel, graphic designer Jay Patel all set to soar high in his career

Jay Patel
Jay Patel

Graphic designer Jay Patel leaves everyone spellbound with his magnificent skills of art and creativity

A few years ago, spending time on apps like Snapchat and Instagram was considered as a sign of procrastination. But who knew that in the years thereafter, these apps would help young talents earn great fortunes? If you still doubt the potential of social media platforms, you have to know how a digital creator named Jay Patel changed his game over the web. The 20-year-old is a budding graphic designer based in California, USA.

His love for graphic designing goes way back to his childhood. Jay is currently pursuing his degree in Computer Science and Graphic Designing from the University of California. Jay has been adamant about following his passion, and his dedication has led him to make a mark as a team member at Marvel Production house. He was credited as DIT (a.k.a Film Colorist) in the Black Widow movie at a very young age.

The graphic designer makes LUT (Color Correction) filters on Snapchat and Instagram. His idea to make trendy filters for today’s generation has unarguably made his creativity stand out among other digital creators and designers on the gram.

Jay’s artwork has got over a billion views, and his color correction filter is used by celebrities across social media which has given him remarkable recognition for his work. Speaking about working on the massive project, the talented designer said, “Never in my wildest dreams I thought that I would get this opportunity in my life. All I would say is that my curiosity and excitement to learn new things helped me in garnering great recognition from people on social media. The roadway from here to reach the apex of my career has just begun.”

Moreover, he came across the opportunity to work with team Marvel through a friend, and today his work and dedication have made his dreams turn into reality and proved that India has talent in abundance, and we have a long way to go.

Currently, Jay is working with zeal and enthusiasm for his upcoming projects with Marvel, Sang-Chi & Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Not only this, he is pretty passionate about his participation at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, an information technology conference held annually by Apple Inc. He then went on to say, “This has come to life after a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance. I am really forward to it.”

In such dire times of COVID-19, the creative enthusiast like Jay is making everyone proud with his artistic flair. Jay’s persistent efforts are a strong example that if you continue to work rigorously for anything you are passionate about, there is no looking back.

Jay says he has big plans for future, he believes in putting in heart and soul to whatever he does. He further added, “I have always had unrealistic goals and dreams. By God’s grace, everything has fallen into place. After smashing a billion views on the internet, my end-goal is to become the first trillionaire and I am pretty sure that I will reach my target soon.”

At a very tender age, it is inspiring to see Jay Patel utilize his potential to the fullest. Through his creative flair, Jay Patel has set an example for all the young creative artists of the country. Having mastered the art with finesse, Patel has created various snapchat filters that made him reach a billion plays on social media platforms globally. Many celebrities and creators are in awe of him, and his filters are undeniably a massive hit on the digital platform.

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