Viktorija Lubyte – A London based traveller who is giving major travel goals to the world

Viktorija Lubyte
Viktorija Lubyte

It’s a dream Life when you wake up in different countries almost everyday. Ask anyone on the planet to live such a life, one will hardly find people who refute this option. But, Does such a lifestyle really exist, It’s only in the movies that such things happen, or may be not.

Viktorija Lubyte, Daughter of Bronislovas Lubys – The former prime minster of Lithuania is setting major travel Goals for the world. The young and gorgeous Victorija has now been on her travelling spree for years. Waking up in different countries seems to be her regular lifestyle. Something that started as an interest has now become a necessity for her. Chartering around the world in private jets and cruising on expensive yachts completes her 24 hours in a day.

How long can one live such a life. Viktorija has been at it for years now.

On being asked about her lives motto, She replied “Fitness, Fashion and travel are the three things that define me”. She is also an active member for Animal Welfare organisations around the world.

On being Asked about her travel plans, She said, “ I don’t want to travel to all the places in the world, I want to live at every place in the world”, Currently sailing somewhere in Europe, Viktorija doesn’t seem to stop any time soon.

What are your thoughts on such a life and what would you leave to live a life like hers.

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