Yusuf Yolasan Explains How to Become an Achiever


High achievers have specific attributes compared to people who give up easily. Below Yusuf Yolasan explains what differentiates achievers from quitters.

Everyone wants to be successful, but there are certain characteristics that differentiate achievers from quitters. As Yusuf Yolasan suggests, to achieve great success and happiness in your career, you must be resilient, passionate, set specific goals and not be afraid to fail.

There is clearly a big difference between being an achiever and a quitter, as Yolasan’s successful and independent career proves, to be an achiever you must have a clearly defined goal, the end to which all your effort is directed.

Yusuf Yolasan is a businessman born and raised in Turkey. Since becoming his own boss, Yolasan has delved into an industry that is highly competitive, but comes with real reward if you work hard and have drive. He took a leap of faith, leaving his secure job at home, to pursue his career further in the U.S., his new home.

Being your own boss in any industry means you can set your hours, work at your own pace, and decide when you want to put in the effort. This is a double-edged sword. He knew that to be successful and achieve great things, he needed to find some internal motivation and set daily goals.

Quitters usually have no specific goals; they spend most of their lifetime depending on others for help. But simply having goals “in mind” with no concrete plans on how to achieve them is not enough. Writing goals down clarifies what you really want, creates a mental picture to focus your energies and unlocks the power of the subconscious mind.

Yusuf sets S.M.A.R.T. goals that are (S)pecific and written, (M)easurable in progress and completion, that have an (A)chievable outcome, are (R)ealistic in time and skill and have a (T)ime-based deadline.

He sets daily goals, but also continuously reassess his larger goals. And as he achieves his goals, he pushes his own bar higher.

Yolasan suggests that the difference between achievers and quitters is finding that burning passion in what you do that motivates you to get up and go day after day. You need to be inspired and driven by your work. If you believe in yourself strongly and are too dumb to quit, your own dreams will come true. Be a goal getter!

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