Conspiraci Is Providing Great Alternatives for Inmates


Prison can be tough both physically and mentally. If you have been there, you must have your opinions about it. An opinion that matters to many struggling inmate families or for the inmates themselves. How about helping the current and past inmates take benefit from your experience?

For that, Jorge Hurtado and Jared Claybrook co-founded three years ago.

Jorge Hurtado comes from a low-income family where his single mother worked long hours to meet the expenses somehow. With a passion for excelling even in the survival mode, Jorge ended up in the Navy. After his discharge from there, he struggled to maintain a civilian life.

The frustration led him to drug abuse that ended up in a 12-hour stay in a lock-up.

That was the point when Hurtado decided to do something for the inmates.

He pursued his Junior College majors in Criminal Justice and planned a platform that will work for the betterment of the incarceration process. The other co-founder Jared Claybrook is working in Security Operations and has deeply enrooted memories of his father coming and going out of the jail that helped him work with Hurtado to pioneer the one-of-a-kind platform where prisoners could voice their opinion. Both of them envision growing this platform breaking the boundaries of stereotyping imprisonment. is a platform for inmates. They leave their raw, unaltered reviews about the whole process of incarceration in nationwide prisons. This one-of-a-kind platform helps the inmates to get their hands on every possible resource that can settle their lives once they are out of the prison. They can connect to legal advisors and search for employment opportunities through this platform. The platform also provides housing opportunities for the inmates.

The co-founders are running its non-profit with reviews and resources about 800 nationwide detention centers belonging to different categories.

Although non-profit is the only veteran, a black platform where inmates can discuss their struggles without any fear. The platform is growing every day with people joining hands to eradicate the stigma attached to imprisonment. They are helping the community to grow better and find better opportunities to start fresh. The families of the inmates can also find support through the platform in times of utter dismay. Log in to see what awaits you!


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