5 Qualities of Go-Getters Worth Inculcating as per Kristina Nazaryan


Kristina Nazaryan, Founder and CEO of I Luv Me VIP Beauty Service, is now one of the biggest names in the makeup industry. Kristina firmly believes that grit and determination are the keys to success in life. She built her empire from the ground up as an entirely self-made woman. Her passion is what drove her to found the famous VIP beauty service. Her extensive experience working with top-tier clients and publications, such as Harper’s Bazaar Middle East and Villa 88, has equipped her with the proficiency that you would find in the most accomplished professionals in the makeup industry. Here are five qualities that Kristina Nazaryan suggests are key to become a go-getter:

  1. Do what you love, no matter what – To become successful in life, you must always follow your passion irrespective of the challenges you might have to overcome along the way. Even Kristina Nazaryan herself has had to overcome multiple hurdles to reach her current status in the makeup industry.
  1. Confidence is key – You need confidence in your abilities to do what you set out to in life. Throughout her life, Kristina did not have opportunities handed to her; she has had to work hard to build a career for herself. She believed she had the talent for makeup and spent most of her life honing that craft.
  1. Work hard and work smart – As a go-getter, hard work and smart work are the main qualities Kristina relied upon to get to where she is.
  1. Be grateful – Incredibly grateful for her family and loved ones, Kristina Nazaryan credits her success to their constant support. On numerous occasions, she has expressed her love for her husband and two children, without whom her journey would not have been complete.
  1. Strive for bigger and better – Kristina Nazaryan refuses to ignore the bigger picture. Her constant striving for larger and better opportunities is how she is able to work with A-list celebrities, such as Nicole Scherzinger, Gina Torres, and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few.

Kristina Nazaryan swears by these qualities and believes they are worth inculcating for every emerging entrepreneur. Given Kristina’s great triumph as a star in the beauty industry, the world is intrigued to see what her remarkable career has yet to bring to the table.

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