Have an idea that has the potential to make a huge impact? Go for it, says serial entrepreneur Miki Dutta

Miki Dutta
Miki Dutta

Having taken over the entrepreneurial realm successfully, he says you need to seize the right opportunity that comes your way to excel in business.

A business takes the right path towards success and thrives if the right opportunities are seized at the right time. It’s up to the business owner to seize the given chance and capitalize on it to find success. However, some are not proficient enough to spot them or don’t see them in the majority of cases, this is where an opportunity is lost and the path that takes you one step ahead is missed. According to serial entrepreneur Miki Dutta, having interests in multiple businesses like real estate development and investments, stocks and cryptocurrencies, and is a known name in the business circles of London, UK, many people are letting opportunities slip-by as they are ignorant or unaware of the right avenues that open up at them at the right time. They are more focussed on their problems rather than taking advantage of the given situation.

Miki says one should identify, spot and seize the right moment and look out for roadblocks to avoid that come on the way. He did the same and has today reached a spot from where he calls the shots. Coming from Bangladesh and establishing thriving businesses in London, UK by never overlooking anything that came his way that would get him to the top. Backed by his mindset, he built up his ventures which are heading northwards with fast pace. He says since the age of 18, he’s been working on his own and has faced the gravest of challenges during his long journey towards entrepreneurial success. Presently the director of Bracken Real Estate, which is one of the most well known real estate companies in the UK and having interests in other areas such as seed funding, picking up failing businesses and pumping investments to resurrect them and investing in stocks and cryptos, he has indeed come a long way from where he started.

“My aim is to build several businesses in the next few years, and I’m waiting for the right moment to lay down my future plans in place,” says Miki who is striving hard to conquer unknown territories and succeed in each.

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