Brandon Beavis Highlights the Importance of Financial Literacy


Financial literacy enables various skills that help an individual manage their savings, budgets, and investments. As a result, these abilities can make one independent in this continuously evolving field, where the understanding of finance can protect them from multiple problems. Therefore, the need for financial literacy, even the basic one, is very important. 

Brandon Beavis states that ‘Investing is a tool that everyone should be taking advantage of. We have so many valuable years ahead of us to let our investments compound, even by saving small amounts we can generate hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars for retirement.’ Thus, despite its importance, he knew that there was a lack of financial literacy in Canada, especially amongst millennials.. Considering this, Brandon felt that there was a need to initiate a change where people as young as 16 can learn how to start investing in the stock market so that they can set themselves up for long term success. Therefore, after working for 4 years at his father’s investment firm, Brandon decided to take his knowledge to YouTube where he built the ‘Brandon Beavis Investing’ YouTube channel. He started creating videos and posted once every week where he talked about different topics such as, how to invest, what stocks to buy, investment basics, how to build a portfolio, and creating passive income. As his channel started picking up steam, he launched his program ‘The Investing Academy’ that included a full A-Z training course for beginners with 8 different modules and multiple video lessons. However, unlike other young traders/investors who lack the experience, Brandon’s work comes from a background of professional experience through his father, who has 25+ years in the industry. So even though Brandon is young, the information he uses is time-tested. 

Brandon focuses on providing every student in his Academy with full support and all the resources they need to succeed in the long term. This enthusiasm to educate as many people as possible comes from the fact that there was a time when Brandon too suffered from a severe lack of education. Thus, he can relate well with the students who feel stuck and overwhelmed. 

Today, Brandon’s YouTube channel has become a complete guide for all those new in the field of investing. And with over 150,000 subscribers, Brandon Beavis Investing is now the largest Canadian focused Youtube channel about stock market investing. The Investing Academy too has generated amazing feedback off the bat and as a result, has over 1000+ students across the country. As a true educator, Brandon hopes to continue expanding his work so that The Investing Academy can become a go-to platform for Canadians to learn about investing in the stock market.

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