7 Tips To Consider When Starting An Instagram Account For Your Business

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Getting more from a business Instagram account can be done in a few minutes. Here are some great ideas for quick wins.

  1. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

How you stand out to people when they meet you for the first time matters; thus, strive to make a lasting first impression on your Instagram account. And this starts with developing a killer bio because it is what potential clients review before they check out any other things on your Instagram account.

Your bio should give an overview of your brand and what makes it unique for people to take notice. You will have 150 characters to use in fashioning the ideal message. Therefore, ensure it is concise and compelling. Moreover, use a profile photo that is easy to remember. Also, consider increasing your conversion rate by including a link to your retail website in your bio for clients to use.

  1. Switch To Business

After setting up your bio, consider switching to a business account because an Instagram business profile has its advantages regarding social media marketing. For starters, your followers can reach you with ease via your profile by clicking the contact button.

In addition, you can create and post Instagram adverts on your business profile without relying on Facebook ads tools. Furthermore, the profile allows you to use Instagram analytics tools and other free resources for analysis and stats regarding your posts’ reach and impressions on your followers or clients.

  1. Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags have quickly gained a positive reputation in helping categorize and organize content on social networks. It would be best if you considered using hashtags to deliver the right content to a target audience. You also can leverage them to attract new followers to your Instagram and website, thereby increasing engagement that can translate to a higher conversion rate.

You also should know when to hit the brakes on them because using hashtags too frequently can scale down your business. Instead, develop an elaborate strategy that will see you achieve your goals using hashtags.

  1. Repost With Permission

It would be best if you also considered making the most of the repost feature on your Instagram. You can use it to repost what your clients share after purchasing your products and posting it on their Instagram feeds. But you need their consent before reposting. It is best to seek permission for this because it lets your clients know you value and appreciate them, and this can make them buy more from you and recommend your business or Instagram account to others.

Social media user considers user-generated content more trustworthy and memorable. This means prospective clients are likely to follow or buy from you based on what they see other clients or customers share regarding their experiences when doing business with you.

Moreover, the content of your customers’ posts of them enjoying your products or services is a form of free marketing. Thus, be confident when asking them to post their experience and then request to report what they share.

  1. Use Great Visuals

Behind all its glory, Instagram is still a photo/video sharing app. Given this, the pictures and footage you post are essential to how influential your Instagram can be. This starts with adopting a specific theme and style for a consistent visual representation.

If done correctly, the visual consistency will see clients associate your brand with a particular pattern. So, your business and Instagram posts are unique and instantly recognizable.

With Instagram availing various filter options, developing a theme and style for your brand is not hard. Moreover, you can include third-party video and image editing apps to create the ideal effect you want for your content.

Another great tips is to buy instagram comments to stimulate discussion on the post. Instagram comments can be also a great way to encourage the algorithm to look upon your positively.

  1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram has over 100 million users, which means you have a vast audience that could be watching or sharing what you post. Therefore, this can be an avenue for promoting your business or brand. Insta stories have a more significant reach than written posts. And the stories have features like direct links and polls that you can use to direct traffic to your website.

For instance, you can use the poll feature to learn more about the type of posts your audience prefers. But keep in mind that this is a social media platform you are leveraging to market your business or brand; it is not a promotion website. As such, strive to maintain a balance between making what you share fun and informative while also helping market your product or service.

  1. Partner With Relevant Influencers

Nothing goes past social media influences when it comes to marketing. They are considered the kings of promoting brands on social networks. Influencers boast a significant following and provide your business with a robust platform to market itself to a broader audience. They are the pros that know how to influence buying habits. That is why most people who use social media to source information on a product or service will go with whatever the influences say is best.

So, influencers are your most efficient avenue for reaching prospective clients fast. But exercise prudence when partnering with an influencer. It is best to pick those who identify with your niche.

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