Overcoming setbacks: Khalifa Al Matrooshi diverse abilities lead to victory

Khalifa Al Matrooshi
Khalifa Al Matrooshi

In today’s world, it is difficult to settle for less when everyone else is trying to live a perfect life and talk about their success and privileges on social media, and it’s much harder to accept failure. Nobody talks about their failures; instead, they talk about how happy they are, and anyone could be envious of that. It’s easier said than done to accept that failure is just another step on the path to achievement. Giving up should never be an option; instead, working hard and fighting for the life you want to live should be.

Moving higher in a job does not always happen in a straight line. It’s possible that you’ll feel like you’re traveling backward or that you’re standing still at times. However, you must learn to overcome failures and keep moving forward. Everyone has challenges in their private and professional lives. People who advance in their careers are not deterred by these issues.

Khalifa Al Matrooshi, an Emirati businessman and motivational speaker born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is one such person who has not let his setbacks stop him from living his dream life.

A Delightful Childhood Dream

Khalifa dreamed of becoming a helicopter pilot for the Ministry of the Interior since he was a child, and he worked hard to educate himself and stay up with new advances in the aviation industry. This goal did not come true due to limits, constant setbacks, and red tape, and he commenced his professional career in the Dubai Police department.

Numerous Skills & One Lucrative Career

Khalifa began his career in Dubai Police, and then went ahead and became a Customs Officer, but he also dabbled in entrepreneurship. He commenced his career as an entrepreneur by investing in a few businesses. The first-ever corporate partnership he got into didn’t turn out the way he had hoped and therefore, it taught him a valuable lesson in being more hands-on and taking part in the companies he is sponsoring, he understood the meaning of engagement.

Khalifa has worked in brokerage, company setup consulting, and waste management in the past, but his first major achievement in aviation was when he joined an international corporation and secured deals for trans ponding landing systems across the region. As a result of this, he attracted a lot of recognition from the industry, which led to his unique ideas being implemented and executed.

Overbearing Judgments & Achieving Success: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

For years, Khalifa had to deal with incessant criticism from his contemporaries, rejection, and all of his appeals for help being directed to ‘just hire someone,’ which did not sit well with his inclination of being personally involved, analyzing, and solving problems on his own.  He didn’t find contentment or a sense of success at his job, so he decided to start his own business and devote himself to it full-time.

The road to coming out of criticism wasn’t easy, Khalifa said, “I had a lot of people demotivating me and some even laughing at me. I just stayed focused on making it work no matter what, ignored everyone, and learned to do things myself. When people said things could not be done, I went ahead and did them myself to prove them wrong.”

Security and defense contracting and consultancy, law firms in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, a thriving chain of men’s saloons, exotic automobile rentals, and global business setup organizations directing investors and business to Dubai are just a few of Khalifa’s many abilities. Khalifa has a bright future ahead of him, with plans to venture into retail and food and beverage. He has been praised for his creativity, vision, and work ethic in all of his undertakings. All this transpired because he perceived failure as a necessary step toward victory and refused to give up until he reached his goals.

When asked if at any point he thought of giving up, Khalifa answered, “The road to success is enormously complicated, there have been sleepless nights, a lot of stress, and depression. But I always believe that we are not given what we can’t handle and stay determined. Your strongest supporter will always be you, so you have to believe in yourself and keep pushing.”

For someone who once faced so many failures and is now a motivational speaker and a successful businessman, he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to be leaders and believe in themselves, he quotes, “Be careful who influences you, you can achieve anything if you put your mind and soul towards it. Stop looking or listening to everyone around you and experience. There is a lot of advice available on the internet but always trust your instinct to make decisions a lot of people give false advice online just for popularity”

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