3 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life

Science says dogs are smarter than cats. Do you agree?

For many people, their dogs are part of their family, and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them. Improving their quality of life can help maintain their health and well-being, so they can stay in your life for longer. The best way to keep your furry friend happier and healthier for as long as possible is to maintain their physical and mental health. Here are three tips to help you maintain your dog’s quality of life.

1. Reduce Anxiety

We already know that stress and anxiety can lead to an increased risk for health issues in humans, and the same things generally apply to most animals. It can lead to weight gain, more serious mental health issues, and a higher risk of heart disease, as well as skin and hair issues.

This is why it’s a good idea to try and reduce their anxiety around the two biggest areas of stress for dogs: thunder and fireworks. You can use special white noise machines that drown out those sounds, or indoor dog houses that have sound insulation. You can also get supplements that induce a greater sense of calm in dogs. You can also get supplements that induce a greater sense of calm in dogs in Hemmfy’s CBD for Pets section..

2. Exercise Their Brains

Keeping your dog physically active is excellent for their health, but fewer people appreciate the importance of mental stimulation as well. It not only tires them out as much as physical exercise, but it can also alleviate behavioral issues like barking or chewing, and it also helps them maintain the health of their brain for longer in their lives.

3. Improve Their Physical Fitness

It’s important to realize that taking your dog for a walk a few times a day is important for them to relieve themselves, but it’s not great exercise. Most dogs need more exercise to stay in good physical shape. You can take them for longer hikes on more difficult terrain, or take them to an off-leash dog park so they can run and play with other dogs for an hour or so.

You can do more at home as well. For example, you can get special-made treadmills or wheels or dogs to run on inside. However, the best way to attain physical and mental stimulation simultaneously is by training them to perform tricks. You can teach them more physical tricks at home, like jumping through a hoop, or dancing. You can also sign them up for agility courses, where you train them to run through an obstacle course.

With these three tips, you can better manage your dog’s life in ways that will enrich them in numerous ways. Giving them greater stimulation, mentally and physically, helps keep them in better shape and decrease long-term risk factors for their health. Reducing their stress and anxiety during things like fireworks and thunder further reduces those risks. That way, your dog will be with you, healthy and happy and fully loyal to you for as long as possible.

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