How social media platforms can be helpful for a hairstylist

Ajkune Ahmetaj
Ajkune Ahmetaj

Ajkune Ahmetaj explains how a social media platform can be helpful for you if you are a hairstylist or hairdresser. There are many social media platforms that are helping to grow your business worldwide. How do you understand which of them honestly grow to develop your business? Which is better to improve your business, Facebook, or Instagram? In this article, I need to reveal to you which of the social networks you want to be aware of with a purpose to develop your online presence or online business, your emblem, and develop your clientele. I’m additionally going to reveal to you which of the platforms will possibly be a waste of time for you and that you could properly forget about without feeling responsible that you “should” be posting there. Guilt has no vicinity in business. To be honest, you clearly can’t be “good” at everything. It’s not possible to make an effect everywhere, and in case you attempt to, you’ll simply be spreading yourself too skinny and now no longer doing an awesome task at anything.

I’ll additionally display you a few tips and tricks for saving time posting on more than one social media channel, and the way to determine which content material ought to move where. Some systems have their personal benefits, and a few varieties of content material do excellent in a few locations extra than others.


It’s huge, with 2 billion logged-in month-to-month customers spend their time on Youtube. If your intention is to goal nearby customers, get greater appointments, and develop your sales as a splendor carrier provider, Youtube isn’t the area to do it. It’s now no longer an area wherein humans visit locate nearby businesses. It’s greater of an area to go looking for “smokey eye tutorials” or “the way to do balayage on brief hair”. Those searches might be coming from everywhere across the world, and there’s no suitable manner simply to goal ability nearby customers together along with your videos. YouTube isn’t a nearby advertising platform. People don’t seek primarily based totally on location, so it’s now no longer going that will help you hook up with nearby customers, unfortunately.


No matter what kind of beauty business you have, you should be active on FaceBook. It’ll assist you to attain double the wide variety of human beings. Having an inactive Facebook web page may want to harm you whilst you run advertisements. If your advertisements seem on Facebook, human beings will pass and test out your FaceBook page, and if you’re inactive, it may deliver a terrible impression. Facebook is the right platform for stay video, longer videos, getting reviews, getting determined on Google, and when you have a barely older demographic.


Instagram is one of the best platforms, in my opinion, it’s the primary platform that your splendor enterprise desires to be. It’s visual, it caters to a female audience, and it’s a clean vicinity to hook up with your followers.

Out of all of the different places, your Instagram desires to be the front and middle of your salon’s social media strategy. Out of all of Instagram’s features, Instagram stories are possibly the number one vicinity you want to spend time in. Your feed is best for your polished portfolio, however, your tales are in which you may percentage all of the everyday elements of your enterprise and virtually hook up with human beings. You may have them vote in polls, solution query stickers, and ship you a direct message as a response.


It’s been around for a long term now as compared to different social networks. Twitter is all approximately snappy, short conversations among human beings and businesses. It’s now no longer extraordinarily visual, and it calls for more than one tweet an afternoon to be very successful. That’s why I endorse that irrespective of what sort of splendor enterprise you have, you bypass this one.



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