Introducing the Special Investment Options and Portfolio Management Opportunities

How to Select Stocks for Trading

We understand that a good portfolio investment should have the potentials of yielding great returns or grow in value over time or maybe both. We have taken it upon us to introduce you to a special portfolio management opportunity to help you manage your assets and also maximize profit.

Your portfolio in its simplest definition entails the grouping of all your financial assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, in both its currencies and cash equivalents. It will also comprise tradable securities which include Real Estate, Private Investments, Arts, and so on. Providing you a way to properly manage your assets or portfolio either passively or actively, which will definitely ensure you meet the long-term financial goals.

Our premium Portfolio Management is focused on preserving capital and growing the earnings of our client’s portfolios through market cycles, by building and actively managing our clients’ bespoke concentrated portfolios for you ensuring steady progress and outcome, with assets of over 30-45 companies. With each client retaining the benefits associated with full capital insurance.


The goal of CryptolifeBank is to ensure that our clients make the most of their investment of which we have devised a strategy that would see our investors participate actively in Portfolio Management. Working with our portfolio management team will not only ensure that you are able to cushion your resources against market risks but also be able to maximize your returns successfully.

We provide attractive portfolio returns with consideration given to protecting our clients’ capital through market cycles. Our clients will have direct access to their portfolio management team and will be involved in every active decision that would see the growth of assets.

What is the Special Investment Option?

Our special investment option now includes Halal Portfolio Management and Investment options. With this, Islamic crypto users have presented a simpler and low-cost way to grow their money and ensure long-term profitable wealth accrual. Your portfolio is optimized not only for performance but with companies and investments that comply with Islamic laws.

This special investment option offers a lot of benefits to both Muslims and non-muslims alike. It encourages a disciplined investment pattern or process that instigates in-depth security monitoring and research. Investors are also less exposed to risk because the Islamicislamic funds have laid down principles to avoid companies that run their operations in a risky manner.

With this option, our users can invest according to their values while also building wealth with a smart portfolio that complies with Islamic laws.

Features of the Halal Investment Portfolio

  • Our Halal Investment Portfolio includes up to 50 stocks selected to track the market as closely as possible and optimize diversification. Your crypto funds are invested in companies around the world to minimize risk and maximize reward.
  • A third-party committee of Sharia Scholars that screens all investments to ensure they are compliant with the law.
  • A laid down strict rules of not investing in companies that profit from gambling, arms, tobacco, or other restricted industries and businesses that drive significant income from interest on loans.
  • We have ensured to include high-quality global sharia stocks in a broad set of sectors.
  • We also ensured that each company in our fund does not drive more than 5% of their profit from alcohol, tobacco, pork-related products, weapons, conventional banking or insurance companies, and adult entertainment.

Halal Investing Screens Will Look To Eliminate

  • Bonds and other interest-based investments
  • Stocks of companies that have high debt (sometimes referred to as highly leveraged)
  • Securities of companies in industries that do not comply with Islamic principles, such as liquor, gambling, pornography, pork, insurance, banks, etc.
  • Companies with greater than 5% of their income from haram sources
  • Companies with more than 33% total debt as compared to their market capitalization (trailing 12-month average)
  • Companies with more than 45% accounts receivable as compared to their total assets (trailing 12-month average)

For companies who fail to pass the Halal screening exercise, it is generally considered an unacceptable investment. To best ensure that an investment is Halal, it is necessary to enquire deeply about the different activities of a company to discover its core sources of revenue, or how it actually makes its money.

Our Core Objective of Portfolio Management

The most basic objective of portfolio management is to help users select the best investment options depending on their income, time horizon, risk appetite, and age. Other core objectives include

  • To ensure that we help increase your capital and make it appreciate.
  • Ensuring maximum returns on investment
  • To help improve the whole proficiency of the portfolio
  • Risk optimization
  • Allocating resources optimally
  • Ensuring flexibility of portfolio
  • Protecting earnings against market risks

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