How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand: Listen to Expert Business Coach


The process of symbolic meaning-making is an integral part of today’s media ecosystem. The power of an online brand largely depends upon its ability to persuade its audience through the effective use of symbols. Branding strategies can make or break a business. In order to prove successful, political brands need a certain “charisma”, a collection of ideas, values, symbolic associations and emotions that should come together effectively to make up a coherent identity or image.

We sat down with Owen Hone, the Head of the Authentic Creation coaching company and an expert in the field of digital marketing, to learn the key strategies for building a powerful online presence.

Unique Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice (ToV) is a term used to indicate a brand’s unique communication style. An effective Tone of Voice relies not so much on What you say, but How you say it.

An effective marketer should craft Tone of Voice so that it reflects the core values and distinctive characteristics of the company. Think of your best friend: you recognize him by his voice in any situation. Ideally, your brand should become your target audience’s close friend”, says Owen.

Apple’s ToV cannot be confused with any other. They have a respectful style, coherent message and are on the same page with users.

Let us imagine a date with Apple if the company were human:

Dating Apple is easy. You meet in a modern cocktail bar – with large windows, streamlined design elements and a simple menu. The bar serves craft vodka and produce from local farmers. Apple looks brilliant in a simple T-shirt and jeans. Apple understands you perfectly – unlike most people. Superficial chat flows into deep conversation. Apple makes you feel understood. After the date, you describe Apple as modern, flawless, and intuitive.

Similarly, your Tone of Voice should fully reflect the core values of your brand in order to prove successful. Contradictions destroy trust.

Know Your Audience

Communication is a two-way process, with a brand on the one hand and a consumer on the other.

If you don’t understand the specificities of your target audience, you will never create a suitable ToV.

Owen put it perfectly :If someone walked into your store (engaged with your content), would you just ignore them or would you start a conversation with them? By mastering the art, psychology and structure of buyer- seller interactions, you can predict the needs of your audience and move them to the next stage of your sales process. Whenever we start a conversation with someone we are looking for an opportunity to add “value”; that is, to reduce the person’s pain and/ or increase their satisfaction.”

Define Core Values

A robust brand succeeds through appealing to the concrete audience by revoking value-systems that both equally cherish. For this end, clever consideration of desired values is imperative.

A successful brand is able to: 1) create common ground with the audience 2) establish oneself as a credible brand that shares similar values.

Ask yourself who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different. Remember that mission and values ​​are not an abstract nice addition to your image, they are the main tool for sales and audience targeting. Having formed a certain image, you will be able to work with those people who share your position. After all, it is impossible to please everyone”, he adds.

Anyone willing to learn more state-of-the-art strategies for continuous brand development should contact Owen on Facebook.

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