Recording Artist JCT Going Global With His JC7™️ Clothing Line


    Many artists have entered the entrepreneurial world by launching their own brands be it health and beauty products, perfumes, or fashion wear and many have exceeded their own expectations by thriving and making it big. Another artist looking to duplicate this massive success on both the music and business side is JCT, the Luso/Canadian producer/singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

    His fashion brand JC7™️ is starting to make some waves with orders coming in from around the world.

    We asked the man himself to shed some light on his journey as a music artist and entrepreneur. “My passion for music began at an early age around 9 years old. I started performing in various shows held in the Portuguese community within the Greater Toronto Area and traveled to Portugal during my teen years to participate in the local festivals on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. So, music has been a part of my life right from the get-go and I’ve always known it would play a major role for me as I got older, says JCT.”


    He launched a 4-track demo CD into the islands back in the early 2000’s and after a 10-year break, he’s since released singles on the regular slowly building up his catalog.


    He founded his own record label Theseus Music Group to produce and distribute his music globally, along with exploring other entertainment opportunities. Furthermore, he has also launched his own fashion brand JC7™️, which is slowly starting to make noise in the fashion game.


    When asked about what made him enter into the fashion wear industry in spite of having a up and coming career in the music industry, JCT says, “the fashion industry has always been something that’s peaked my interest on the business side, and knowing I could design and manufacture my own brand really excited me” The fashion industry isn’t going anywhere and with my expertise on the business side, it just made too much sense to pass it up.”


    JC7™️ was launched in 2019 with the aim of expanding to overseas markets and adding more products to its line. “The efforts are on to work with my team on designing fashion wear which has a universal appeal. The ongoing process to source out more manufacturers in North America and Asia is also being strengthened to fulfill customer orders across the globe efficiently.”


    JC7™️ is close to launching its new limited-edition line of products, the pricing of which would be a bit on the higher side and have very limited stock available for purchase. JCT is working hard at getting his brand to the forefront in the most creative ways like showcasing his brand in some of his music videos and also licensing his brand as a product placement for potential upcoming motion pictures and TV series. “The opportunities are limitless, and I’m trying my best to grow the brand,” concludes JCT.


    Visit to shop and find out more about their product line.


    For more information on JCT, check him out on his website at: subscribe to his YouTube channel, or follow on on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok,


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