“Music Is Soothing For The Soul” – Najim Mollou


    As an amazing musician in the making, Najim Mollou believes that music is not just art that is performed or listened to for fun. In reality, it is a tool full of benefits for the soul, mood, and health, for both the maker and the listener. 


    There are countless benefits attached to the activity of music. It brings friends and family closer while also helping one when they are isolated. However, most importantly it regulates moods that have a very important impact on our health and soul. According to Najim Mollou, here are 3 ways of how music stimulates our mood:


    1. On a very happy day, music is a buddy that you can share your happiness with. You can dance to your favorite rhythm or sing along to your favorite song. It will just add to your happiness and boost your memory to remember the happy day. For example, ten years later you might still remember the song you sang with your friends on a trip before graduation. That specific tune may help you remember vivid memories of the place where you had all those precious laughter. Thus, whenever you listen to that melody, it will bring a sense of relaxation even when you aren’t feeling so great. 


    2. Just like we can share our happy moments with music, we can also share some sad ones. In this case, music acts as our comforter. We could just plug in our headphones, sit in a corner, close our eyes and listen to some lyrics. As a result, we’ll be relaxed without the need to speak anything as music won’t ask us to explain our sadness. It will just sink everything in, without any questions. Nevertheless, after some time it will eventually soothe us and relieve our stress. Usually, in such cases, slow or low pitch music works the best, however, the choice differs from person to person. Some might even enjoy loud music during stressful times that might help them zone out. Studies show that listening to music tends to reduce stress and anxiety in healthy people and in people undergoing medical procedures.


    3. Ever wondered why we listen to music when we are exercising or going for a walk? The idea behind this is to boost physical stimulation and ease any sort of pain or discomfort that we feel while exercising. As a result, listening to music tends to increase our overall performance as it provides a side activity so that we don’t feel bored nor get distracted. Thus, music stimulates motivation when exercising. 


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