Randy Booker Shares 5 Pro Tips to Take Your Basketball Skills to the Next Level

Randy Booker

Basketball is a game for the body and the mind. It requires you to think and score on your feet. Randy Booker, an international player and interviewer, shares the following tips to help you take your skills to the next level.

BEEF up!

When you focus on balance, eyes, elbow, and follow-through, or BEEF, you help yourself a great deal. Most players, in the name of doing things differently, often end up ignoring the basics. However, those who follow through with the most basic rules always have something to fall back on when things go awry.

Practice is key.

Nothing beats practice. Practice can conquer poor aim, fear, lack of focus, and other obstacles that can plague your game when you take things lightly. Randy adds, “The best basketball players spend a lot of time practicing. They practice to test their strengths, push their limits, and overcome their fears. Practice really has no alternative, and if one is serious about their game, they will find themselves up and about on the court for hours on end.”

Engage with the ball.

For Randy, getting good at the game is not only about spending extra hours hopping around on the court. “Engage with the ball first. If you are serious about the game, you would like to know the one thing you’ll be spending the most time chasing and owning – the ball. Know it as a friend, as that obstacle you must overcome, and you’ll see the difference this psychological exercise will bring to your game.”

Take the coach seriously.

For many players, the decision to take their game seriously or not comes from their coach. Coaches are tough. They have to be to make you tough. However, not everyone is ready for that. But for Randy, “If you want to up your game, you must take your coach seriously. Develop faith in their choices. Have open discussions with them. See where they come from, and explain where you are.”

Watch the pioneers.

For Randy, you can learn a lot by watching the best at work. He says, “When you watch your favorite players, either live or on TV, stalk their moves like a hawk. See what sets them apart from the others on the court. Then, copy their strengths on your way to find yours.”

For Randy, basketball is a serious business, one which can have a profound impact on life too.

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